SPECIAL REPORT: The Big Charter School ‘Accountability’ Lie

SPECIAL REPORT: The Big Charter School ‘Accountability’ Lie


New Reports Reveal The Big Charter School ‘Accountability’ Lie

By Jeff Bryant

“There’s ample evidence … that much of the vaunted ‘accountability’ of charter schools is an empty promise at best, and at worse, a curtain to hide all sorts of malfeasance and corruption … As a new report from the Center for Popular Democracy documents, ‘lack of oversight’ and regulatory guidelines have led to a massive expansion of low-performing charter schools in Florida … As our new secretary of education, Betsy DeVos would likely be more apt to support and spread the kind of taxpayer waste and abuse we see in Florida rather than address it. That, at least, is what we can assume based on her actions in Michigan … There is no reason to believe … the charter industry will use her tenure to advance accountability measures.”
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