EON #11

THIS WEEK: Companies Seeking More Profit From K-12 … An Education Revolution Coming? … Obama’s Big Second-Term Education Problem … The First Race to the Top … Shortage Of American STEM Graduates?


Cutting Education: Dumb And Dumber

By Jeff Bryant

“What’s dumb is to cut money for air traffic controllers … even dumber is to cut funding to Head Start and other education programs that ensure the nation’s children have learning opportunities. … Cuts to essential funds for educating our children aren’t limited to the dreaded sequester … If you’re of the opinion that “money doesn’t matter” in relation to the quality of education, then you’re horribly misinformed. Indeed, anyone advocating for better education in America should put the funding cuts at the top of their list of policy mandates to protest against.”
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Ed. Companies Exert Public-Policy Influence

Education Week

“Education observers are alarmed at what they see as increasingly aggressive moves by companies to make money from the K-12 system … Many companies seeking K-12 business have deep pockets. In addition to spending $6 million in federal lobbying since 2001, Pearson and its employees donated more than $249,000 to presidential and congressional candidates … K12 Inc. and its employees donated more than $1 million to state candidates, political parties, and ballot-measure committees.”
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The Coming Revolution in Public Education

The Atlantic

John Tierney writes, “The dominant regime for the past decade or more has been what is sometimes called accountability-based reform … Fueled in part by growing evidence of the reforms’ ill effects and of the reformers’ self-interested motives, the counter-movement is rapidly expanding … I predict it will continue … It’s what history teaches us to expect. … Education policies based on standardization and uniformity tend to fail … Policies based on distrust of teachers tend to fail … Many of the organizations involved in ‘corporate reform’ seem to need reforming themselves … If I am correct that a new educational revolution is under way, it will need its own Thomas Paine.”
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Obama’s Big Second-Term Education Problem

The Washington Post

Valerie Strauss writes, “President Obama has a big problem in his second term in terms of education policy: his first term … The agenda was ambitious, designed to shake up the status quo — and it did. But it has had major consequences for schools, students, teachers, principals and superintendents — some of them clearly unintended, and they threaten to consume Obama’s second-term education policy agenda … the reforms were not well thought out, not based in solid research and were rushed into implementation.”
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The First Race to the Top

The New York Times

“It turns out that the race to the top has a lot of history behind it. Members of the Boston School Committee fired the first shots in the testing wars in the summer of 1845 … The examiners’ report lambasted the schools … The examiners believed that the teacher made the school … They named the worst ones and called for their removal … No one could explain, however, why some schools did better than others.”
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Study: There May Not Be A Shortage Of American STEM Graduates After All

Washington Post

“A study released Wednesday by the left-leaning Economic Policy Institute reinforces what a number of researchers have come to believe: that the STEM worker shortage is a myth … the U.S. has ‘more than a sufficient supply of workers available to work in STEM occupations.’ Basic dynamics of supply and demand would dictate that if there were a domestic labor shortage, wages should have risen. Instead, researchers found, they’ve been flat, with many Americans holding STEM degrees unable to enter the field and a sharply higher share of foreign workers taking jobs in the information technology industry.”
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