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THIS WEEK: Education Spending Misdirected … The Onion … What Legislators Should Know About Education … Bill Gates Changes His Mind … Unrealistic Expectations … Wages Of College Grads Stagnate


When Making Deals In D.C. Hurts Children

By Jeff Bryant

“Instead of putting the interests of children first, there’s a prevailing wisdom among political centrists inside the Beltway that ‘compromising’ with radical conservatives is the only serious approach to governance and policy-making. So when ‘hard fought’ compromises are reached … centrists hold self-congratulatory press conferences, but the lives of children are cleaved in two. We see this in deals made over sequestration, in the new budget being proposed by the Obama administration, and regarding school security measures.”
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Investments In Education May Be Misdirected

New York Times

“Angry, worried debate over how to improve the nation’s mediocre education … is missing the most important part: infants and toddlers. Research … confirms that investment in the early education of disadvantaged children pays extremely high returns down the road. It improves not only their cognitive abilities but also crucial behavioral traits like sociability, motivation and self-esteem … The costs of not making these investments are also clear.”
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Ten Percent Of U.S. High School Students Graduating Without Basic Object Permanence Skills

The Onion

“A new study finds that many American students do not realize that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen or heard.”
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Ten Things Legislators Should Know And Do When Making Education Policy

Education Week

Teacher-blogger Nancy Flanagan offers “a guide for legislators to making useful education policy” that includes “You don’t know education just because you went to school … pay many non-photo op visits to lots of schools … Take the tests that kids have to take … Examine your assumptions … Follow the money, not the party … Remember you were elected to create policy that represents your constituents’ goals and desires, not ALEC’s.”
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Realistic Expectations for New Teacher Evaluation Systems

Dana Goldstein

“For over a century, school reformers have been dissatisfied with how teachers are evaluated, yet overhauling rating systems has not, historically, been an effective way to improve educational outcomes for kids. This is like hoping to lose weight by buying a new, high-tech scale, without changing your diet or exercise routines.”
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Did Bill Gates Just Reverse Course?

Diane Ravitch

“Bill Gates decided to make teacher evaluation the biggest crisis in American education … No one did more to push the idea that teachers should be judged by the test scores of their students … Now he says that test scores are not the only way to identify great teachers. They might not even be the best way. Now he is worried that there is a growing backlash against standardized testing and he says he gets it. He even concedes that tying pay to test scores is offensive.”
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Wages Of Young College Graduates Have Failed To Grow Over The Last Decade

Economic Policy Institute

“Wages of young college graduates have fared poorly during the Great Recession and its aftermath … However, the wages of young graduates fared poorly even before the Great Recession began … Young graduates who enter the labor market during periods of strength (e.g., 1995–2000) face much stronger wage prospects than young graduates who enter the labor market during periods of weakness (e.g., 2001 to the present).”
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