EON #7 – Mar 20-26, 2013

THIS WEEK: Fight Over Obama’s Pre-K Plan … New York City Kids Struggle With Mental Illness Or Emotional Problems … Civil Rights Groups Reject Parent Trigger … Few Options For Kids From Failing Schools … State Higher Education Cuts May Harm Students And The Economy


The Democratic Party’s Anti-Democratic Education Policy

By Jeff Bryant

“Chicagoans are speaking out loudly and forcefully against a plan to close schools … While the rationale for closing the schools, or not, gets quickly into the weeds  … what has gone completely unaddressed is the incoherence that an edict of this nature has been promulgated by a mayoral administration claiming the mantle of the Democratic party.” Read more …


The Looming Fight Over Obama’s Pre-K Plan: It’s Not Just About the Money

Huffington Post

Education professor Barbara Beatty writes, “There is a less discussed fight looming within the ranks of early childhood educators themselves, and it’s over more than money and preschool effects. It’s about the kind of preschool education President Obama is proposing … Many preschools, already desperate for funding, may be forced to choose between taking money they need and academic teaching and testing they think will damage young children’s development and play.” Read more …


One In Five City Kids From 6 To 12 Struggles With Mental Illness Or Emotional Problems

Education News

“More than 145,000 [New York City] children – roughly one in five – between 6 and 12 struggle with mental illness or other emotional woes, a new study has found … It’s likely that the severity of mental-health problems among youngsters is even worse than indicated … Only 17 percent of kids whose parents identified them as having behavioral problems got assistance … ‘Our state needs adequately funded traditional public schools open to all. Our state needs elected officials who act to ensure [public schools] viability.'” Read more …


Florida Civil Rights Groups Reject Parent Trigger Bill

Blogging Black Miami

“Proponents of parent trigger bills in Florida and other states frequently explicitly state that minority parents support such bills … but two civil rights groups in Florida … have drafted resolutions opposing the bill.” Read more …


Parents Have Few Options When Moving Kids From Failing Public Schools

The Lens

“A key failure in New Orleans’ lauded landscape of choice-based educational reform: In a city where parental options abound, how many of the choices are reputable ones? … More than seven years into the New Orleans choice experiment, documents and interviews reveal the schools are so academically anemic that the [Recovery School District] fell short in its attempts to comply with federal policy requiring school districts to offer higher quality alternatives to students in failing schools.” Read more …


Recent Deep State Higher Education Cuts May Harm Students And The Economy for Years to Come

Center On Budget And Policy Priorities

“State cuts to higher education funding have been severe and almost universal … Colleges and universities have … [1.] increased tuition to help make up for lost state revenue … [2.] constrained spending  … often in ways that reduce the quality and availability of their academic offerings … Reinvesting in public higher education should be an urgent priority for policymakers who are concerned about the long-term economic success of their state and its residents.” Read more …

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