EON #14

May 22, 2013

THIS WEEK: Sequester Cuts Pre-K … Poverty Damages Children … Positive Model For School Improvement … Children’s Educational “Permanent Records” To Be Released To Commercial Vendors … College Loan Debt Relief … Hispanics Pass Whites In Higher Ed


The Forces Driving America’s Education Spring

By Jeff Bryant

“Behind nearly every protest to the status quo policies meted out to the nation’s public education system are common grievances about resource deprivation, inequity, public disempowerment, and the widespread perception that governing policies are driven by corruption. The situation in Chicago is a microcosm of how these four grievances are converging.”
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Head Start Centers Feeling ‘Sequester’ Pain

Education Week

“The sequestration cuts, which represent a 5.27 percent reduction for Head Start from fiscal 2013 spending, take Head Start funding back to approximately $7.6 billion, which is close to where it was in 2008. The administration has framed the reduction as the loss of 70,000 slots. And while lawmakers have been quick to end a furlough of air traffic controllers because of flight delays, there has not been the same traction to stave off Head Start funding reductions.”
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The Most Important Problem Facing American Children Today

The Washington Post

“What is the most important problem facing American children today? According to the Academic Pediatric Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is the effects of poverty on the health and well being of young people. But, they concede, there is no sustained focus on childhood poverty … The consequences of poverty for child and adolescent well-being are perhaps even more critical than those for health. These are the consequences that may change their life trajectories, lead to unproductive adult lives, and trap them in intergenerational poverty.”
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How To Turn An Urban School District Around – Without Cheating

The Atlantic

“The Cincinnati school district has improved both test scores and graduation rates since 2003 … Because Cincinnati has implemented proven instructional approaches while nurturing a culture in which administrators, teachers, parents, and community groups closely communicate and work together as teams, the case serves as an important counterweight to the public school stories that have been dominating the news in the past few years. It also can serve as a road map for reversing course from the high-pressure tactics that gave rise to the cheating scandals and led to little progress elsewhere.”
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Exposed: How Murdoch, Bill Gates And Big Corporations Are Data Mining Our Schools

Nation Of Change

“Starting next year, [test] scores, along with students’ personal information – race, economic background, report cards, discipline records and personal addresses – will be stored in a database designed by Wireless Generation, a subsidiary of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation … The database will be managed by inBloom inc, a non-profit outfit that, like Wireless Generation, is under the domain of billionaire Bill Gates … Data analyzing firms, educational software designers and other third-party venders, both for and not-for-profit, will be granted access to student information.”
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Needed: A Mass Movement for College Debt Relief

The Huffington Post

Robert Kuttner writes, “Senator Elizabeth Warren … introduced her very first free-standing bill, and fittingly it was a bill to cut interest rates on student loans. Warren’s bill is only a start … But there is in Warren’s proposal the germ of a counter-revolution against austerity politics … Refinancing of college debt would put the money to better use and provide an immediate stimulus to the economy.”
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Hispanic High School Graduates Pass Whites In Rate Of College Enrollment

Pew Research

“A record seven-in-ten (69%) Hispanic high school graduates in the class of 2012 enrolled in college that fall, two percentage points higher than the rate (67%) among their white counterparts … This milestone is the result of a long-term increase in Hispanic college-going that accelerated with the onset of the recession in 2008 … The rate among white high school graduates, by contrast, has declined slightly since 2008. The positive trends in Hispanic educational indicators also extend to high school. The most recent available data show that in 2011 only 14% of Hispanic 16- to 24-year-olds were high school dropouts, half the level in 2000 (28%).”
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