Education Declaration to Rebuild America Released

The Education Opportunity Network, in conjunction with the Opportunity to Learn Campaign and the Institute for America’s Future, has released “An Education Declaration to Rebuild America.” The declaration is a progressive response to a grassroots rebellion that has taken place around the country against education policies that impose top-down standards on students and teachers without giving them the support they need.

The declaration has been signed by 50 prominent progressive leaders, including key voices in the education reform movement. The declaration, along with a list of signers and a link for concerned citizens to support the statement, can be found on this page.

Watch Education Opportunity Network editor Jeff Bryant discuss the importance of the Education Declaration and answer key questions.

Listen to the news conference introducing the Education Declaration (or download the mp3 file).



One thought on “Education Declaration to Rebuild America Released”

  1. I found your Declaration succinctly worded and thoughtful, and I signed it. I’m missing, however, a sentence that identifies instruction in the arts, science and technology, and physical wellness as essential to a “sufficient” education. All students of all ages should have the opportunity to learn the skills these disciplines engender, many of which do not lend themselves to testing.

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