9/7/2017 – Betsy DeVos’s Silence On DACA Says Everything About Her Support Of Education Opportunity

THIS WEEK: Recessions Hurt Learning … Warning To Texas Schools … Trump Fuels For-Profits … Michigan’s Charter Gamble … St. Louis Schools


Betsy DeVos’s Silence On DACA Says Everything About Her Support Of Education Opportunity

By Jeff Bryant

“DeVos proclaims her agenda is to ‘focus everything about education on individual students,’ but if she really cared about the welfare of students she would speak out about what her boss President Trump is doing to hundreds of thousands of undocumented students whose fate he has cast to the wind by ordering an end to the Obama-era program shielding young undocumented immigrants from deportation … Yet, as of this writing, neither DeVos or her Department of Education have issued a statement addressing the plight of these students.”
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The Great Recession Decimated The Economy. It Also Hurt Student Learning, According To Pioneering New Study


“As the Great Recession was sending economic shockwaves through the country, it was also hurting student learning … Each year students spent in school during the recession hurt their reading and math test scores … Test scores generally declined the most in districts serving more disadvantaged students. More affluent districts, with many white students or few students with disabilities, for example, often went unharmed … Achievement dropped more in schools that had to lay off a large number of staff and had their funding slashed – a finding consistent with a string of recent research showing that spending more on schools benefits students.”
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From New Orleans, Warnings For Texas About School Privatization


New Orleans parent activists Ashana Bigard writes, “What happened in [New Orleans] and to its schools serves as a cautionary tale to residents of Houston … Be wary of elites with big plans … All parts of your community must be allowed to participate fully in the rebuilding of their own city … Don’t let your teachers get swept away … Be wary of people who say ‘it’s all about the children’ … Learn from what happened in New Orleans.”
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Trump And DeVos Fuel A For-Profit College Comeback


“For-profit colleges are winning their battle to dismantle Obama-era restrictions as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos rolls back regulations, grants reprieves to schools at risk of losing their federal funding and stocks her agency with industry insiders … The industry has been dogged by allegations of predatory sales techniques and poor outcomes that left tens of thousands of students drowning in debt while the schools raked in billions from federal student loans and grants. President Barack Obama sought to curb those abuses … For-profit colleges are notching wins behind the scenes, as Education Department regulators scale back their enforcement of the industry and decide individual cases in ways that favor the industry.”
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Michigan Gambled On Charter Schools. Its Children Lost.

The New York Times Magazine

“Michigan’s aggressively free-market approach to schools has resulted in one of the most deregulated educational environments in the country, a laboratory in which consumer choice and a shifting landscape of supply and demand … were pitched as ways to improve life in the classroom for the state’s 1.5 million public-school students … Hundreds of nonprofit public charters have become potential financial assets to outside entities, inevitably complicating their broader social missions … Increasing charter-school enrollment in a school district does little to improve achievement gaps. And in unregulated educational sectors like Michigan’s, there’s evidence that charters have actually increased inequality.”
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The Sad Story Of Public Education In St. Louis

The Washington Post

Jeff Bryant writes, “The story of St. Louis’s schools is … a story about an American ideal and what and who gutted that ideal. It’s also a story that merits important attention today as prominent education policy leaders, such as U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, contend conversations about education should not even include the subjects of buildings and systems … But the grand schools St. Louis built for its children caution that the permanency of schools as buildings and institutions is worth defending.”
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