8/24/2017 – What Happened To All The Teachers?

THIS WEEK: Trump Trauma In Schools … Welcome Refugee Students … Integration’s Double Edge … DeVos Bankrolls Quack Company … Charters Aren’t Working


What Happened To All The Teachers?

By Jeff Bryant

“Mounting evidence should convince anyone who cares that providing students a guaranteed access to highly qualified teachers, no matter where they live – an ideal that’s never been a well-kept promise to begin with – is weakening even further … However, instead of digging deeper into the many causes and solutions for teacher shortages, the advisors who tend to have the ear of policy makers in Washington, DC and state capitals these days tend to call news of widespread teacher shortages a ‘myth’ … What’s not at all helpful is to have loud-mouthed politicians continue to disparage teachers for being ‘overpaid’ and ‘stupid.'”
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Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is Traumatizing A Generation Of Children

The Guardian

“For the estimated 1 million undocumented children in the US – and the roughly 4.5 million young people born here who have at least one undocumented parent … Trump’s immigration crackdown is creating high levels of psychological distress … Sanctuary schools are offering workshops … about managing immigration authorities, vowing to shield students’ personal data from officials and block federal agents’ access to school property unless they present a warrant … Emotional distress and economic insecurity can derail the future success of undocumented children and those with undocumented parents, as families are separated and immigrant communities are targeted.”
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Refugee Students Don’t Negatively Affect The Education Of Peers, Study Finds

Education Week

“A working paper … found no evidence that refugee students have a negative effect on the behavior or academic achievement of their schoolmates … no changes in test scores or disciplinary problems, and no evidence that the arrival of refugee students led incumbent families to depart schools in large numbers … A 2016 investigation by the Associated Press found that Immigrant children living in the United States as unaccompanied minors have been blocked or discouraged from registering for school in at least 35 districts in 14 states.”
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Silicon Valley’s School Integration Paradox: More Black And Hispanic Students Get To College – And Get Arrested


“New research on schools in the heart of Silicon Valley comes to a familiar conclusion: Poor black and Hispanic students get a leg up academically by attending a less segregated school. But … those students who left their hometowns to attend wealthier schools in places like Palo Alto were also more likely to be arrested … students who got the chance to attend the more affluent schools were 10 percentage points more likely to go to college … The program increased the likelihood a student would be arrested by about 5 percentage points, with an even greater impact on boys and black students.”
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DeVos Invested In Company Under Investigation For Misleading Claims

Education Week

“When U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos increased her family’s financial stake in Neurocore this spring, the controversial ‘neurofeedback’ company was under investigation by an advertising-industry self-regulatory group for making questionable claims about its treatments for such conditions as autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and memory loss … The National Advertising Division alerted Neurocore that it was opening an investigation into the company’s advertising claims. That was nearly two months before DeVos or one of her immediate family members invested between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 in the company … NAD said its lawyers initiated their investigation of Neurocore, in part, because the company’s claims appear to target two ‘uniquely vulnerable’ audiences: families with children suffering from conditions such as ADHD and autism, and seniors suffering from memory loss.”
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Why Charter Schools Have Lost Support From Democrats


Jeff Bryant interviews NEA VP Becky Pringle who says, “Progressives at their core share a lot of the same values. But we need to dig down into what it is progressives think charter schools are doing, even for that black family who declares charter schools are working for them. Progressives need to understand that expanding charters is fraught with all kinds of unintended consequences that even those behind the expansions for the right reasons often don’t see … I think we’re on the verge of a widespread consensus that the current approach to charters is not working.”
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