8/17/2017 – What To Make Of The Democrats’ Growing Divide On Education

THIS WEEK: DeVos Fails Charlottesville … Charters Take A Hit … Voucher Truth … DeVos Hearts ALEC … Homeless Students


What To Make Of The Democrats’ Growing Divide On Education

By Jeff Bryant

“At the same time Donald Trump’s vile presidency is unifying Democratic resistance to his policies on civil rights, healthcare, and immigration, his views on education policy, and those of his Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, are dividing Democrats. Evidence of this growing divide is rapidly accumulating, and Democrats in denial of it are only going to make the party’s already marginalized status worse … Democrats should have faith that out of this tumultuous debate a new consensus will emerge, but that consensus will be an improvement over the top-down one it’s replacing only if it truly comes from the bottom up.”
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Faced With The Domestic Terrorism At Charlottesville, Betsy DeVos Fails Another Test

The Hechinger Report

“President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos didn’t whole-heartedly renounce white supremacy last weekend, but teachers must. … The racism and xenophobia that we saw on the University of Virginia campus was born out of America’s historical endorsements of slavery, segregation, discrimination and biased policies … Instead of unequivocally condemning the hateful and divisive ideology that was espoused by the neo-Nazi marchers, DeVos issued two bland tweets in the passive tense that proclaimed her disgust … Trump and DeVos are failing our students. Charlottesville was their teaching moment and they failed the test … We can’t hide the past, but we can educate our way out of it.”
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Charter Schools Take A Hit In Nationwide Poll


“The public’s support for charter schools fell significantly from a year ago nationwide and among both Democrats and Republicans … Although a small plurality still favor charters, the 12 percentage point drop in support, from 51% to 39%, marked the biggest shift in this year’s survey results … The poll found that President Donald Trump is having a polarizing impact, with more Republicans agreeing with him and more Democrats disagreeing with him on some key education issues.”
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When Privatization Means Segregation: Setting The Record Straight On School Vouchers


“If the push toward private, segregated education was propelled on the ground by local white elites, it found its intellectual underpinnings among leading free-market ideologues. Chief among them was Milton Friedman … The unregulated market in which Friedman places all his trust is an inequality multiplier … Try as privatization advocates might, there is no getting around the segregationist history of school vouchers in the United States … Forerunners of today’s ‘school choice’ movement understood their freedom as the freedom to deny others an equal education. That history continues into the present.”
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This ALEC State Report Card Speaks Volumes About Betsy DeVos’s Education Agenda

The Washington Post

“When it comes to big education issues, there appears to be no light between DeVos and ALEC … It’s all about choice … ALEC is intending to ramp up efforts to spread vouchers and voucher-like programs in states across the country and roll back Title IX protections for sexual assault victims. DeVos’s Education Department is examining possible changes to Obama-era guidance on enforcing Title IX.”
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1 In 7 New York City Elementary Students Will Be Homeless, Report Says

The New York Times

“One in every seven New York City public school students will be homeless at some point during elementary school … ‘In every school classroom, that’s two or three kids’ … The growing number of homeless children is part of the fallout of the city’s housing crisis … Homelessness is difficult under any circumstances, but for children, the stress and physical dislocation can be like a tornado dropped into the school day … Homeless children were more likely than those with stable housing to be on the wrong side of a huge array of indicators.”
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