8/2/2018 – Democrats Who Opposed Privatizing Social Security Should Be Alarmed By A New Scheme Aimed At Public Schools

THIS WEEK: Choice Closes ‘Good’ Charter … Private School Fail … LeBron James Starts A School … DeVos Undermines Civil Rights … EdTech Hurts Learning


Democrats Who Opposed Privatizing Social Security Should Be Alarmed By A New Scheme Aimed At Public Schools

By Jeff Bryant

“A new marketing campaign about yet another scheme to privatize a valuable public asset is being rolled out across the country, using Wall Street as an analogy to explain how the scheme works. The privatization scheme deserves the same skeptical opposition that Democrats mustered when [President George W.]Bush tried to privatize Social Security … Wealthy private foundations have contributed at least $200 million to create a new group, The City Fund, to ‘push cities to expand charter schools’ … The campaign calls for urban school districts to follow a ‘portfolio model’ of running schools, as if district leaders were investment managers and their schools were collections of different types of equity investments. ”
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What New Orleans Tells Us About The Perils Of Putting Schools On The Free Market

The New Yorker

“A year ago, I volunteered to serve on the board of a charter elementary school in New Orleans … In New Orleans, alone among large urban districts, almost all schools are now charter schools … The board pursued initiatives familiar to any cash-burning startup … [The school], like a business, was compelled to succeed by competition and choice. But, like other charter startups, it was hampered by a market system … No market is just about competition and choice.”
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No Private Schools Aren’t Better At Educating Kids Than Public Schools Why This New Study Matters

The Washington Post

“Researchers who looked at data from more than 1,000 students found that all of the advantages supposedly conferred by private education evaporate when socio-demographic characteristics are factored in. There was also no evidence found to suggest that low-income children or children enrolled in urban schools benefit more from private school enrollment … [Betsy] DeVos has called traditional public schools a ‘dead end’ and long supported the expansion of voucher and similar programs that use public money for private and religious school education … 27 states and the District of Columbia have policies allowing public money to be used for private education through school vouchers, scholarship tax credits and education savings grants.”
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LeBron’s Education Promise Needs To Become This Country’s Promise

The Nation

“LeBron James … opened a new public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio called I Promise … In addition to meals, job training for parents and even a bicycle and helmet for every student, the school offers a guaranteed college tuition for everyone who goes on to graduate high school … The school is public and not a charter… ‘By partnering with the Akron Public Schools – not trying subvert them or profit off of them with an unaccountable charter – LeBron has demonstrated to the world the power of truly investing in public education.’”
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How Do You Enforce Civil Rights? Under Betsy DeVos, A Stark Shift In Approach.

The Washington Post

“Under Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, the [Department of Education] is … moving away from the sweeping notion, embraced during the Obama years, that discrimination often occurs even if the people involved have no ill intent and that schools should be held accountable when outcomes differ by race … The transformation is culminating this summer with important policy changes … The agency delayed for two years a regulation aimed at ensuring that school systems are not disproportionately channeling students of color into special-education programs, a practice that studies suggest is widespread. Then, the Trump administration revoked Obama-era federal guidance on affirmative action that had encouraged colleges and public schools to find legal ways to use race in admissions and enrollment. Now, the department is considering repealing documents that direct districts to examine whether they are delivering tougher punishment to African American students than to others.”
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Cellphones In Classrooms Contribute To Failing Grades: Study

ABC News

“New research also shows that using electronic devices can even lower students’ grades … When attention is divided between two tasks, fewer items regarding those tasks may be recalled later … Smart phones can reduce the ability to think to a person’s full potential, and additional research from Stanford University reveals that intense multitasking decreases the efficiency of completing a given task … In a study published in the journal Educational Psychology … The group using devices scored about a half a letter grade lower on exams – the difference between passing or failing for some students … Students who didn’t use a device but were in the same classroom with those who did also scored lower.”
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