7/8/2016 – How Education Fares In The Democratic Party Platform

THIS WEEK: Obama Friends Bid For For-Profit College … Kids Are Losing Recovery … Rating Schools … Trickle Down Economics Hurts Schools … Rally For Public Schools


How Education Fares In The Democratic Party Platform

By Jeff Bryant

“Many are saying this platform ‘may be most progressive platform the Democratic Party may have ever had.’ But is it progressive on education? … Currently, the best answer to that question is, ‘Maybe.’”
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Bid To Buy For-Profit College By Former Obama Insiders Raises Questions


“As the Obama administration cracks down on for-profit colleges, three former officials working on behalf of an investment firm run by President Barack Obama’s best friend have staged a behind-the-scenes campaign to get the Education Department to green-light a purchase of the biggest for-profit of them all – the University of Phoenix… Several key players are either close to top administration officials, including the president himself, or are former administration insiders… The proposed sale carries high stakes… $1.1 billion… If the company were to fail, more than 160,000 students could be displaced and the government would be on the hook for hundreds of millions in student loans.”
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2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book Finds Stagnating Poverty And Racial Inequity

New America Foundation

“New data… which measures the well-being of children across the nation… reveals… the growing economic instability of American children and families… despite being several years into the recovery… Even though the employment rate has been increasing… 30% of children lived in families where no parent had full-time, year-round employment… 22% of children lived in families with incomes below the poverty line… Future prospects of workers with a high school diploma or less are growing ever bleaker… Children of color… continue to experience negative outcomes at higher rates.”
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Education Secretary Takes Heat For Pushing Single Rating Of Schools


“California is moving towards establishing a new accountability system made up of multiple measures, in place of the state’s previous… which assigned schools a single ‘summative’ number based on test scores. This new approach has been championed by Gov. Jerry Brown… But under the draft regulations issued by the U.S. Department of Education… states would be required to come up with a single rating for their schools.”
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The Trickle-Down Myth Meets The Reality Of School Aid

The New York Times

“[Kansas] Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled Legislature have… yielded to a state court mandate to either treat poor districts more equitably or see the public school system shut down… The fierce standoff over school financing was an outgrowth of Mr. Brownback’s wholesale indulgence of the Republican trickle-down myth that sweeping tax cuts somehow produce revenue growth, not deficits… As vicious as the fight has been, it may prove to be a mere skirmish in a larger court challenge focused on the State Constitution’s requirement that a properly financed education be provided for all Kansas students.”
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This Friday In D.C., Let’s Rally For An Important Progressive Cause

Campaign For America’s Future

Jeff Bryant writes, “This Friday, a crowd expected to reach into the thousands will throng the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to listen to prominent voices in the progressive movement, such as Rev. William Barber II, address the nation… The cause is about rallying the nation to support its treasured K-12 public school system. The gathering begins at 10:30 a.m., the speeches begin at noon and a march to the White House at 2:30 p.m.… Barber will be joined on the stage by some of the most prominent voices in progressive education policy, including education historian and best-selling author Diane Ravitch, renowned author and social justice advocate Jonathan Kozol, Chicago community activist Jitu Brown, and Youth Dreamers fighters for immigrant justice, among many others.”
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