7/27/2017 – Problems Posed By School Choice Can’t Be Ignored

THIS WEEK: NAACP Challenges Charters … School Choice Segregates … Republicans Hurt Kids … School Success Story … Vote Democrat


Problems Posed By School Choice Can’t Be Ignored

By Jeff Bryant

“Enraged school choice advocates stormed the Internet over the past few days to defend their cause from criticism no matter how reasonable…. The objects of their wrath, specifically, were a speech given by American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten on school vouchers and a report issued by the national NAACP on charter schools.”
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NAACP Report: Charter Schools ‘Not A Substitute’ For Traditional Public Schools And Many Need Reform

The Washington Post

“The NAACP has, once again, slapped down the claim that the promotion of school choice and charter schools is ‘the civil rights issue of our time’ … The preeminent civil rights organization not only stood by last year’s call for a moratorium on new charter schools, it also insisted on reform of charters that already exist … The report acknowledges that while some charters serve students well … There are also a wide range of problems with the operation of charters across the country that require attention … The report also concludes ‘even the best charters’ cannot be a substitute for an equitable, well-funded public school system.'”
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School Choice–Past And Present

The Huffington Post

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten writes, “When schools struggle, the ‘solution’ privatization advocates invariably propose is ‘choice,’ with the coda that poor families should have the same educational choices as more affluent families. But that innocuous word belies the record both the academic results of private school choice … Tuition vouchers and tax credits, and private, for-profit charter schools actively destabilize our public schools. They can–and many do–discriminate because private schools do not follow federal civil rights laws … They fail most of the children they purportedly are intended to benefit.”
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Students With Disabilities Are The Overlooked Victims Of GOP Health Care Repeal

Mother Jones

“Medicaid … doles out billions of dollars each year directly to school districts to fund special education services that are mandated by federal law and to support services for poor students … Any cut is going to have an adverse effect on kids … In 2015, schools received nearly $4 billion in Medicaid funding … covering the costs of speech and physical therapy, behavioral services, and medical equipment, such as wheelchairs and walkers.”
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A Southern California District Resists Bad Education Policy

The Progressive

Jeff Bryant writes, ” I’ve called Long Beach an unlikely success story … Nearly 70% of students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch. Yet Long Beach Unified School District has steadily improved its high school graduation rates… and surpasses the rest of the state on key education measures … District leaders value what teachers do, and they put in place structural supports that make it more likely the talents of teachers come out … [The] contemptuous attitude toward teaching still dominates education policy making. But there are signs its influence is on the wane.”
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Want To Reduce Racial Segregation? Elect A Democrat To School Board, Study Says


“Electing Democratic school board members … leads to less-segregated schools … Electing at least one Democrat leads to students being ‘reassigned in such a way that the school board is now 18% closer to achieving the district [average racial breakdown] for each school’ … Racial segregation was likely reduced … by changes to school attendance zones. Non-Democrats made fewer changes, ‘potentially allowing residential sorting to increase segregation without substantial intervention’ … More integrated schools improve the achievement of low-income and black students.”
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