7/14/2016 – Sanders Movement Pushes Democratic Party Platform Toward A Big Fight Over Charter Schools

THIS WEEK: Spending On Prisons Instead Of Schools … Ban Computers In Schools … Pre-K Disaster … Clinton, Trump Avoid Education … Students Who Avoid Debt


Sanders Movement Pushes Democratic Party Platform Toward A Big Fight Over Charter Schools

By Jeff Bryant

“The presidential campaign in the Democratic Party has not put education at the front of the agenda … But Bernie Sanders supporters have teamed up with Clinton delegates to deliver a Democratic Party platform that is much more driven by the values of democracy and support for the public good over private interests and profit … That’s good for education.”
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Since 1980, Spending On Prisons Has Grown Three Times As Much As Spending On Public Education

The Washington Post

“State and local spending on prisons and jails has grown three times as much over the past three decades as spending on public education for preschool through high school … Taxpayers and public safety would be better served by redirecting investments from incarceration to public schools … The rate of increase in per capita corrections spending outpaced the rate of increase in per-pupil education spending in every state but two, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In 23 states, per capita spending rose more than twice as fast as per-pupil spending.”
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Is It Time To Ban Computers From Classrooms?


“Evidence suggests that computer-based multitasking can reduce student learning, not only for those students using devices but also for their distracted neighbors. Even when computers are used for the praiseworthy purpose of taking class notes, computer-using students tend to do more poorly on later tests than their peers who took notes by hand … Being in a condition that allowed computers was associated with a grade drop of about one-fifth of a standard deviation.”
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Early Education Is A Disaster In U.S., Study Finds

U.S. News & World Report

“Early childhood education … Policies across the U.S. fall short on a number of measurable indicators, including pay, professional development, paid planning time, paid sick leave, and other policies that impact the ability of early educators to teach effectively and remain on the job … Nearly half of … child care workers … were part of families enrolled in at least one of four public support programs, including Medicaid, food stamps, welfare ,or the federal earned income tax credit. That’s compared to 26 percent of the U.S. workforce … Findings come after years of increased efforts by the Obama administration to make early childhood education a major priority.”
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Are Clinton’s And Trump’s K-12 Proposals Really Late?

Education Week

“When it comes to putting out a comprehensive plan on K-12 education, Hillary Clinton circa 2008 was way, way ahead of this year’s version … By November 2007 … seven months before this point in the presidential campaign cycle … Clinton had a very detailed proposal … Donald Trump … is also late to the dance compared to recent nominees. By this point of the game in 2012 … Is it because the issue has become somewhat toxic and touchy? Or is it because this just isn’t really an election about ideas?”
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A Leg Up: How A Privileged Minority Is Graduating Without Debt


“The need to borrow for a four-year degree differs substantially by race and income … 81% of black students must borrow for a bachelor’s degree compared to 63% of white students. Low-income students … are overwhelmingly more likely to borrow … Black and low-income students make up a greater portion of indebted graduates among both dependent and independent students … Debt-free graduates are also more likely to be dependent students … Indebted graduates are also more likely to be student parents themselves.
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