7/13/2016 – Why Teachers Don’t Trust Betsy DeVos, And Neither Should You

THIS WEEK: NCLB Failure Lingers … Churches Running Charters? … Rahm’s Graduation Scheme … DeVos Backs Accused Rapists … Charter Certified Teachers?


Why Teachers Don’t Trust Betsy DeVos, And Neither Should You

By Jeff Bryant

“[NEA president] Lily Eskelsen Garcia … said about [Education Secretary Betsy] DeVos, ‘There is no reason to trust this woman’… Does Garcia’s contention that DeVos is simply not to be trusted have any validity? … It’s almost impossible to separate DeVos and her service in the education department from her past in dark money politics … While DeVos gives the silent treatment to news organizations, public officials, rights advocates, and educators, she maintains an open-door policy for those prone to agree with her.”
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Schools Haunted By Ghost Of No Child Left Behind Act


“There are two fundamental reasons why NCLB showed so few gains, especially as compared to the pre-standardized testing era … NCLB took responsibility away from the students and put it on the teachers and administrators … The second problem with standardized testing is that standardized tests are only one tool of judging student success and far from being the best one in the shed … We’re better off without the high-stakes standardized testing that we saw from NCLB.”
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Churches Running Charter Schools? The Latest Supreme Court Decision Could Open The Door In Some States


“Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer invalidated a Missouri rule banning a religious school from participating in a public program… The ruling might also pave the way for more charter schools operated by religious groups, including churches … If it became easier for religious institutions to run charter schools, it would mark a significant change … The narrow ruling means the impact of Trinity Lutheran won’t be immediately felt, and that it will turn on further interpretation.”
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Really, Rahm? The Chicago Mayor’s Newest Far-Fetched Plan For High Schools.

The Washington Post

“Chicago officials recently announced their new ‘Learn. Plan. Succeed initiative’ which requires any student who wants a high school diploma to prove they have a plan for life after high school … [Mayor Rahm] Emanuel wants students to provide proof that they have something to do – within parameters – when they leave high school. But … Chicago public schools aren’t exactly filled with counselors who can help young people plan their futures … Chicago is one of the big-city school districts that has more security staff than counselors … The plan shows that Emanuel is out of touch with many of the people he represents.”
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Campus Rape Policies Get A New Look As The Accused Get DeVos’s Ear

The New York Times

“Candice Jackson, who heads the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights …. believes investigations under the 1972 law known as Title IX have gone deeply awry. A sexual assault survivor herself, she said she sees … that the rights of accused students have too often been ignored … ‘The accusations – 90% of them ‘ fall into the category of ‘we were both drunk’ ‘… Ms. Jackson said. Such comments infuriate advocates for victims and women, who have spent the last 6 years waging … what some have called ‘rape culture’ on campus”
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Charters Move Closer To New Teacher-Certification Rules, Worrying Education Schools


“The SUNY Charter Schools Institute, which authorizes Success [Academy]and [New York] City’s other major charter networks … voted to consider regulations that would allow charters to create their own alternative pathways to certification, and ultimately allow the schools to hire fewer certified teachers … The new rules would have a significant impact on the city’s nationally influential networks … The regulations also stand to change how the city and state’s professional schools of education function.”
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