7/26/2018 – A New Push For Charter Schools Should Anger Progressives. Here’s Why.

THIS WEEK: Education A Big Election Issue … Kids Hurt By Spending Cuts … How Trump Harms Students … DeVos Protects For-Profits … DeVos Backs Anti-Union Effort


A New Push For Charter Schools Should Anger Progressives. Here’s Why.

By Jeff Bryant

“Progressives angered at establishment Democrats who accuse them of being blinded by ideology and divorced from facts when they champion policies pushed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be equally irritated by a new message from supporters of charter schools and the “education reform” agenda … Much in the same way establishment Democrats admonish progressives for their support of universal healthcare and living wages, the longstanding effort by establishment Democrats to boost private operators of charter schools avoids inconvenient truths about these schools and hides its ideological agenda.”
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Candidates In Midterms Spar Over School Funding Vs. Taxes

Education Week

“How – or whether – to pour more money into public school coffers has emerged as one of the most divisive issues for states in this year’s midterm elections. In at least 9 states, voters this fall will consider ambitious ballot measures that seek to increase, or in some cases curtail, how much legislatures distribute to schools … Those running for governor in states … While the economy has roared back to life in recent years, public schools in large swaths of the country are still starved for money. State sales tax revenue has flattened as more people shop online … While unemployment is at historic lows, earnings have not rebounded to pre-Recession levels. Options like marijuana and casino tax revenue have failed in the past to generate enough cash to meet schools’ pent up needs. That leaves schools more and more dependent on local property taxes.'”
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The ‘War on Poverty’ Isn’t Over, and Kids Are Losing

City Lab

“Cutting spending on poverty means cutting spending on kids – a downward trend that is already happening … Declaring an end to the war on poverty allows federal agencies to pivot to other goals, namely ‘self-sufficiency,’ which is a watchword for setting strict work requirements for aid … Spending on children is already declining, even as overall federal spending continues to rise since the Great Recession … By 2020, the federal government will spend more on interest payments on its debt than it pays to provide support for children. Children will receive just one cent of every dollar from the projected $1.6 trillion increase in federal spending authorized under the Trump administration … Over the next decade, the children’s share of the budget will drop from 9.4% to 6.9%..”
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The Feds Are Discouraging Districts From Using Race To Integrate Schools. A New Study Points To A Potential Downside


“The Trump administration recently made waves by removing Obama-era guidance that offered ways for school districts to consider students’ race in order to diversify and integrate schools. The rollback could have harmful consequences for students … could hurt academic outcomes, including college enrollment, by making racial segregation worse … The spike in segregation corresponded to a decrease in college enrollment for black students by a couple percentage points. There was also an indication of modest declines in test scores in sixth grade and in high school graduation rates.”
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New Trump-DeVos Loan Relief Rule Trashes Students’ Rights, Aids Predatory Colleges

Republic Report

“The Betsy DeVos Department of Education …released a proposed rule to repeal and replace the 2016 Obama borrower defense regulation, which was aimed at cancelling federal student loan debts for people who are ripped off by predatory colleges. The new DeVos rule represents a … total surrender of policy to the for-profit and career colleges whose bad behavior triggered that rule … While the DeVos Department is claiming that gutting the Obama rule will save taxpayers a lot of money, in reality the opposite is true: This DeVos gift to predatory colleges will end up costing taxpayers billions more, while ruining countless students’ lives in the process … the Trump/DeVos rule inserts so many barriers to relief that it would be extremely difficult for any student to prevail”
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Behind The Campaign To Get Teachers To Leave Their Unions


“[When] the Supreme Court … ruled that these unions cannot collect money, known as agency fees, from nonmembers who are covered by collective bargaining agreements … groups were already ‘spamming [teachers] and trying to get them to opt out’ … The groups behind the opt-out campaign, which describe themselves as conservative, libertarian or free-market, share many donors in common … including the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative.”
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