7/19/2018 – Teachers Join Progressives As Partners “In A Revolution”

THIS WEEK: Teachers Flood Elections … Teachers Fight Back … Republicans Say Arm Toddlers … Boston Is Segregation City … Cuts To Kids Continue


Teachers Join Progressives As Partners “In A Revolution”

By Jeff Bryant

“Conservatives may believe they accomplished what they’ve endeavored to do for decades with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Janus v AFSCME … but they may have also unintentionally unified progressive Democrats with teachers’ unions as never before … That unification is certainly the image conveyed by the annual conventions of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers that both took place in July … At the AFT meeting, the two former rivals for the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination – former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont – joined union President Randi Weingarten on stage … All three hailed teachers as partners in a ‘revolution’ … . Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who also spoke at the AFT event, declared, ‘This is a time of crisis, and a crisis for America’s teachers is a crisis for America.’ In her powerful rallying cry, she implored teachers to join other progressives in ‘raising our voices for democracy’ and ‘organize like we’ve never organized before.'”
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With Successful Strikes Behind Them, Teachers Are Now Running For Office

Education Week

“Thousands of angry teachers across the country walked out of their classrooms this spring to protest low wages, cuts to school funding, and other changes to education policy. They scored some legislative victories … Now, scores of teachers are turning from the picket lines to the polls … While teachers running for office is not uncommon, it’s usually not so many or on such a large scale … Teachers running for office have to walk a fine line between their passion for education and their concern about becoming single-issue candidates.'”
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‘Betsy DeVos Is The Worst Secretary Of Education Ever’ — Teachers Union Leaders Come Out Swinging

The Washington Post

“The leaders of the two largest teachers’ unions in the country are coming out swinging after a Supreme Court ruling that dealt a blow to labor organizations’ ability to collect fees … Union leaders attacked the Trump administration and DeVos … mentioned massive strikes staged by teachers in a number of states earlier this year to protest low pay and inadequate education funding, declaring a new era of activism may be here.”
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Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes Former GOP Congressmen Into Declaring Support For Arming Toddlers With Guns To Prevent School Shootings


“In a clip for his new Showtime series ‘Who Is America?’, Baron Cohen speaks with right wing Republican lawmakers … Baron Cohen, posing as an Israeli ‘anti-terror expert,’ introduces them to his fake ‘Kinderguardians’ program that purportedly ‘trains’ toddlers as young as three and four to shoot guns … To get their buy-in, he first goes to two right wing extremists and pro-gun activists, then takes those endorsements to the current and former lawmakers.”
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Four Decades After Court-Ordered Busing, Boston’s Education Gap Remains

The Boston Globe

“A computerized system that Boston uses to assign students to schools is exacerbating segregation among the city’s schools while locking out many black and Latino students from high-performing ones … The divide between those who have access to the best schools and those who don’t could not be more stark … The findings illustrate the negligible progress Boston has made in the four decades since court-ordered busing began in closing the gap in educational opportunities: The city’s historically white neighborhoods still have a disproportionate share of high-quality schools, while historically black neighborhoods … have fewer options, even though they have a higher density of students.”
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Share Of Federal Spending On Children Projected To Shrink, New Report Says

Education Week

“The share of federal spending that goes to programs and other benefits for children, including education funding, is expected to decline by more than 25% over the next decade … The recent decline in discretionary spending on education can be pinned at least in part on the Budget Control Act of 2011, which brought sequestration and new caps on federal spending. From 2008 to 2017, federal education spending dipped by 9% … Spending on education and early education, are already a miniscule share of gross domestic product, clocking in at 0.22% and .08% respectively, and both are expected to decline over the next decade.”
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