6/8/2017 – Recent DeVos Hires Bode Ill For Student Rights

THIS WEEK: Funding Poor Kids More … Teaching Climate Science … Trump Spurs Bullying … Billionaires Remaking Schools … CTE Fade


Recent DeVos Hires Bode Ill For Student Rights

By Jeff Bryant

“It’s hard to predict what DeVos will do to protect students from discrimination and where, and for whom, her department would enforce protections. However, based on some of her personnel decisions, there is a great deal of cause for concern … Federal programs affecting students’ rights, and the enforcement of civil rights laws in schools, depend a lot on who’s in charge of them.”
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How Education-Funding Formulas Target Poor Kids

The Atlantic

“Despite the fact that the majority of states have education funding formulas meant to target low-income students, the effectiveness of this targeting varies widely around the country … Districts with more poor students are getting more money in just 28 states. In 16 of those 28 states, funding is progressive by less than $150 per students … Federal dollars, the report found all but three states are at least weakly progressive with their education funding … One of the largest sources of this government money is Title I, the funding for which was held constant in President Trump’s recently released budget proposal.”
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Climate Science Meets A Stubborn Obstacle: Students

The New York Times

“As more of the nation’s teachers seek to integrate climate science into the curriculum, many of them are reckoning with students for whom suspicion of the subject is deeply rooted … Climate skepticism has itself become a proxy for conservative ideals of hard work, small government and what people here call ‘self-sustainability’ … But public-school science classrooms are also proving to be a rare place where views on climate change may shift, research has found. There, in contrast with much of adult life, it can be hard to entirely tune out new information.”
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Kids Are Quoting Trump To Bully Their Classmates And Teachers Don’t Know What To Do About It


“Donald Trump’s campaign and election have added an alarming twist to school bullying, with white students using the president’s words and slogans to bully Latino, Middle Eastern, black, Asian, and Jewish classmates … BuzzFeed News has confirmed more than 50 incidents, across 26 states … [The] Trump presidency left educators struggling to navigate a climate where misogyny, religious intolerance, name-calling, and racial exclusion have become part of mainstream political speech.”
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The Silicon Valley Billionaires Remaking America’s Schools

The New York Times

“Technology giants have begun remaking the very nature of schooling on a vast scale, using some of the same techniques that have made their companies linchpins of the American economy. Through their philanthropy, they are influencing the subjects that schools teach, the classroom tools that teachers choose and fundamental approaches to learning … Tech leaders believe that applying an engineering mind-set can improve just about any system, and that their business acumen qualifies them to rethink American education … Tech companies and their founders have been rolling out programs in America’s public schools with relatively few checks and balances.”
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Lots Of People Are Excited About Career And Technical Education. But New International Research Points To A Potential Downside


“There’s wide support across the ideological spectrum for helping more students learn career-specific skills in high school. Yet new international research points to a significant downside of such programs: students may benefit early in their careers, but are harmed later in life as the economy changes and they lack the general skills necessary to adapt … Although vocational students make higher salaries and are more likely to be employed as young adults, that advantage fades over time; by their late forties, those who went through a general education program have higher employment rates.”
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