5/5/2015 – Republicans In Congress Want To Cut Free Lunches For Poor Kids; Don’t Let Them

THIS WEEK: Walk-Ins … ‘Reform’ Can’t Fix Inequity … HB2 Hurts Kids … Unions Work … Learning Data Analytics Fail


Republicans In Congress Want To Cut Free Lunches For Poor Kids; Don’t Let Them

By Jeff Bryant

“A bill introduced by a Republican in Congress called ‘The Improving Child Nutrition And Education Act’ does the exact opposite of what it claims to do. In this case, ‘improving’ children’s nutrition means cutting the availability of federally subsidized lunches to hungry children in public schools … The bill is still in committee, but it’s not too early to tell Congress this is bad public policy that needs to go away.”
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Tell Congress: Don’t Cut School Lunch Programs

Campaign For America’s Future

“Republicans in Congress continue to wage a ‘War on Children,’ this time proposing literally taking food out of their mouths by cutting food programs for low-income school kids. Tell them no way.”
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Kids To Admins: Charter Schools Have Got To Go

Mother Jones

“In nearly 75 cities across the country, students, parents, and teachers marched at their public schools on Wednesday, protesting inadequate funding and charter school takeover … ‘Resources are being pulled out of the public sector and privatized … the very people they’re supposed to help have no say.'”
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Achievement Gaps And Racial Segregation: Research Finds An Insidious Cycle

Education Week

“Fifteen years of new programs, testing, standards, and accountability have not ended racial achievement gaps … Racial achievement gaps yawn in nearly every district in the country – and the districts with the most resources in place to serve all students frequently have the worst inequities … ‘In the most advantaged places, you have this increased competition and focus on school success … Where competition is high, resources matter even more … We may not be able to just school reform our way out of that kind of inequality.’”
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Unvalued And Unprotected

NC Policy Watch

“LGBTQ students nationwide face higher levels of depression and lower levels of self-esteem, lower grade point averages, higher truancy rates and staggeringly high rates of physical violence … Among LGBTQ people between the ages of 10 and 24, suicide is one of the leading causes of death … It’s why … no one should be surprised by recent reports of spiking crisis line calls for LGBTQ residents of North Carolina following the March 23 passage of House Bill 2, sweeping legislation that, among its many tenets, axes local nondiscrimination protections for gay and transgender residents. It’s a set of reforms that could wreak havoc in the state’s K-12 facilities.”
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Want Your Kids To Get A Good Education? Support Their Teachers’ Workplace Rights

The Nation

“In a lawsuit … education reformers go after teachers’ labor protections. Their line of attack is, ‘But what about the children?’ It’s an alluring idea… wrapped around a pernicious attack on labor rights … Labor advocates, however, challenge the reformers … with a more expansive definition of civil rights in schools: making a school community equitable and inclusive is a democratic project … A California Appeals Court recently struck down the central argument advanced by reform advocates backing the suit … A democratically run union with close community ties, like the militant Chicago Teachers Union, might play a key role in retaining expert veteran teachers and maintaining equitable funding.”
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Data Collected About Student Behavior Doesn’t Help Improve Teaching Or Learning

The Conversation

“Universities and schools … are devoting immense amounts of time, money and other resources to a new measurement approach called learning analytics … from the learning management software systems (LMS) … There is no body of evidence showing that LMS and other system data improve student learning or teaching … Focusing on things that do not make an important difference to student learning means we are not paying attention to the things that do … Learning analytics data and the systems that gather it have become proxies, surrogates for what we should be measuring.”
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