5/26/2016 – Charter Schools Heighten Education Politicization

THIS WEEK: Racial Integration Works … School Conditions Worsen … Nation Hit With School Bomb Threats … Marketing To Kids In Schools … Conservatives Attacking Public Ed


How Charter Schools Heighten The Politicization Of Education

By Jeff Bryant

“Regardless of how you feel about charter schools, because of the way they’ve been forged in the crucible of politics, they’ve become much more political beings than they are institutions of education. Simple mandates to expand these schools, without any attention to these political consequences, will make matters worse.”
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The Children Of Children Who Went To Desegregated Schools Reap Benefits, Too, Study Finds

The Hechinger Report

“Integration has been a powerfully effective tool for raising the educational levels and living standards for at least two generations of black families … Desegregation was accompanied by more educational spending, and that helped these children learn more and eventually become better educated parents, who would raise their own children to work hard at school … Desegregation had no effect – positive or negative – on how white children fared.”
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If Students’ Learning Conditions Are Teachers’ Working Conditions, These Students Are in Trouble

The Nation

“A new teacher survey [in New York City finds] … educators are squeezed from both sides, by harsh standards imposed from above, and unmet needs among their students, and are left with hardly any room to do their job … 1 in 5 students in the city’s public schools have disabilities, one-eighth have limited English skills, and more than three-quarters live in poverty. About 1 in 12 kids doesn’t even have a home … Half of students are enrolled at overcrowded facilities … nearly half of respondents report ‘the facilities they work in are not clean, in bad repair, and inadequate for student learning’ … Many teachers indicated that they struggled to cope with students’ social and emotional troubles.”
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Wave Of Bomb Threats Hits Schools Nationwide

USA Today

“A wave of threats directed at schools across the nation on Monday forced authorities to lock down buildings or evacuate students. The threats, which appear to be driven by automated calls, were directed at elementary, middle and high schools in at least 18 states across four time zones … Bomb hoaxes have the hallmarks of swatting … ‘highly disruptive’ hoax threats that are intended to trigger massive police response … They are often described as robotic, computer-generated voices that call in threats to schools or police departments.”
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Schools Are Now ‘Soft Targets’ For Companies To Collect Data And Market To Kids – Report

The Washington Post

“Student privacy is increasingly being compromised by commercial entities that establish relationships with schools – often providing free technology – and then track students online and collect massive amounts of data about them. Then they tailor their advertising to keep the young people connected to them … Children who are subjected to ‘constant digital surveillance and marketing at school’ come to accept as normal that corporations play a big role not only in their education but in their lives … Google and Facebook are probably the largest companies that data mine in schools.”
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Why Oppressing Transgender Students Is An Attack On Public Education

Campaign For America’s Future

Jeff Bryant writes, “But many public schools had already been steadily working at ways to accommodate transgender students well before North Carolina started its attack on transgender rights … Rather than protecting innocent children or defending local schools from federal overreach, what conservatives are doing is a calculated pivot to generate fear among the populace for political gain. And it’s nothing new that they have chosen public schools as the battleground. They always have.”
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