5/19/2016 – The Growing Crisis Of Our Education Infrastructure

THIS WEEK: Segregation Worsens … Accommodating Transgender Kids … Harsh Punishments Don’t Work … Slow Pace Of Pre-K Expansion … Changed Rhetoric About Teachers


The Growing Crisis Of Our Education Infrastructure

By Jeff Bryant

“We’ve drifted away from talking about education as ‘essential infrastructure.’ That’s a mistake, and our students, and the nation’s future, are worse off for it.”
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Black And Latino Students Lose Out To White Peers. And It’s Getting Worse.

The Huffington Post

“Schools have become increasingly racially isolated for both black and Latino students. And these institutions also routinely fail to provide students of color with the same resources given to their white counterparts … Governmental agencies such as the Department of Education and Department of Justice are not doing all they could to dismantle this system … Since 2001, the share of schools serving a student population that is at least 75% black or Latino as well as overwhelmingly poor has increased from 9 to 16% … High-minority schools still tend to receive fewer material resources … These schools offer fewer high-level courses … Students in these schools are also more likely to get held back or face harsh discipline like suspension or expulsion.”
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Many Schools Already Accommodate Transgender Students

Education Week

“Obama administration guidance … put schools on notice … they must allow transgender students to access restrooms and locker rooms that correspond to their gender identity. But followers of school law and transgender student advocacy will tell you that the federal agency already enforced this interpretation in the past and that many schools were already making such accommodations … Many states have already required their schools to honor the gender identity of transgender students … That’s not to say that it doesn’t matter that the Obama administration issued these instructions.”
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Unhelpful Punishment


“Strong punishments are likely based on the assumption that when kids act out, reprimanding them has the potential to remedy the psychological impulse that caused the bad behavior in the first place. But recent research suggests this assumption might often be wrong … Bad behavior may result from a deeply rooted biological response to toxic stress. And the current American regime of discipline and punishment that attempts to rein in these impulses is only making things worse … Adverse childhood experiences (or ACEs) – including abuse, neglect, mental illness among parents, or an unstable family structure – are a known source of debilitating stress and longterm dysfunction.”
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At This Rate, It Will Take 150 Years To Enroll 75 Percent Of U.S. Kids In Quality Preschool

The Washington Post

“Universal quality pre-kindergarten has been gaining support around the country … Gains in enrollment and efforts to improve quality aren’t keeping pace with the pressing need … Though total state spending on pre-K programs has risen by 10 percent since the 2013-2014 school year, New York alone accounted for two-thirds of this increase … Enrollment for 3- and 4-year-olds crept up during the 2014-2015 school year … an increase of less than 1 percentage point.”
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Hillary Clinton Shows How We’ve Changed The Way We Talk About Teachers

Think Progress

“It’s important to recognize that, up until recently, Republicans and Democrats were taking a similar tone when talking about teachers … focused on holding teachers ‘accountable’ … rarely acknowledge[ing] the few resources teachers were provided in struggling public schools … Now, there are signs the landscape is shifting … Clinton’s acknowledgement that a decent quality of education isn’t teachers’ responsibility alone is likely refreshing to many teachers.”
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