5/31/2018 – New Charter School Plan Should Alarm The Nation

May 31, 2018 <a Subscribe THIS WEEK: False ‘Security’ … Court Defies DeVos … Inside An Underfunded School … Schools Need AC … White Rule Over Black Schools TOP STORY New Charter School Plan Should Alarm The Nation By Jeff Bryant “Charter schools already have a segregation problem. But a new law about to pass … Continue reading “5/31/2018 – New Charter School Plan Should Alarm The Nation”

THIS WEEK: False ‘Security’ … Court Defies DeVos … Inside An Underfunded School … Schools Need AC … White Rule Over Black Schools


New Charter School Plan Should Alarm The Nation

By Jeff Bryant

“Charter schools already have a segregation problem. But a new law about to pass in North Carolina would direct even more taxpayer money into funding charter schools that by design, if not by intent, lead to more racial segregation of school children. This is not only an alarming development in the Old South, where schools made substantial progress on integration since the landmark Brown v. Board Supreme Court case made racially separate schools illegal in 1954. It’s also a wakeup call to the nation on how a campaign to re-segregate public schools is being carried out in the name of ‘school choice’ and ‘local control.'”
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In Costly Quest For Security, U.S. Schools Face Law Of Diminishing Returns


“School security has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar industry … Some schools are spending precious funds on untested technologies … even though the most robust and effective safety measures can only mitigate the risk, not eliminate it … School officials must also strive to balance the need for security with a desire to preserve an atmosphere conducive to learning … Schools can become fortified bunkers that feel like prisons to students … Even extraordinarily secure places like the Pentagon and the Fort Hood military base have faced shootings.”
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Court Rules Feds Violated Privacy Law For Corinthian College Students

Associated Press via CBS Sacramento

“In a break with Obama administration policy, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced in December that some students cheated by the now-defunct schools would only get a part of their federal student loan forgiven. In order to determine how much to forgive, the agency analyzes average earnings of graduates from similar programs … A California district court ruled late Friday that the department’s use of Social Security Administration data in order to calculate loan forgiveness violates the Privacy Act. The court ordered that the Education Department stop the practice and stop debt collection from these students.”
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I Work At One Of America’s Underfunded Schools. It’s Falling Apart

The Guardian

An Oklahoma teacher writes, “You have probably heard about the recent teacher walkout in Oklahoma. While some of that was about teacher salaries, it was more about the conditions in our schools – conditions that resulted from years of underfunding education … Our classes are extremely overcrowded, with 30 and 40 students per class. Some of us don’t even have enough desks for our students to sit in … None of the teachers I asked could remember the last time we adopted new textbooks. Our current history textbook, The Story of Oklahoma, is so old that the Oklahoma City bombing only gets a couple of pages in the epilogue … One student told us: ‘I didn’t realize that people had textbooks with covers on them.’ ”
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Higher Temperatures Equal Lower Test Scores – Study Confirms That Students Learn Less In Overheated Classrooms


” after a particularly hot year of school, high schoolers performed worse on the PSAT, an exam taken to prepare for the SAT and determine winners of the National Merit Scholarship … The research highlights how external factors can impact students’ performance on high-stakes tests, while also suggesting that air conditioning, still missing in many schools, is a worthwhile investment … Impacts were significantly larger for black and Hispanic students and those in lower-income areas … Most of harmful consequences of heat disappearing in schools that appear to have air conditioning.”
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Will The State Takeover Of Jackson Schools be ‘Better Together’ Or The Same Old Education Politics?

The Progressive

Jeff Bryant writes, “In Jackson, Mississippi … a state audit of the district’s schools gave justification … to propose a state takeover of Jackson schools … White rule in Mississippi has long made Jackson schools a target of either malevolent neglect or authoritarian abuse … Mississippi’s conservative state authorities may also be concerned about the nature of Jackson’s black leadership. When Chokwe Antar Lumumba ran for Jackson mayor in 2017, he presented himself as an unabashed lefty. After he won a landslide victory, he talked about making Jackson ‘the most radical city on the planet,’ elevating an agenda of social justice, economic democracy, and citizen engagement … The rise of black populism in Jackson also raises the potential for a head-on collision with … the charter school industry.”
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