5/3/2018 – The Right Lashes Out At Uprising Teachers

THIS WEEK: Why Teachers Strike … Teachers Confront DeVos … How Charters Harm Schools … Charters Cause Segregation … Bigger Than Strikes


The Right Lashes Out At Uprising Teachers

By Jeff Bryant

“The instincts of retribution that tend to drive rightwing politicians and their operatives have already spurred them to craft ways to strike back against teachers … But these teacher uprisings have a widely accepted moral standing that will be very difficult for their opponents to undermine, despite the big money aimed at opposing teachers.”
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What Teacher Strikes Are Really About


Linda Darling-Hammond writes, “Inadequate education funding has created the conditions that make teaching the daily struggle that has finally drawn teachers and families to the picket lines: unmanageable class sizes, inadequate resources and facilities, cuts to essential medical and mental-health school services and more. As child poverty, food insecurity and homelessness have climbed to among the highest levels in the industrialized world … Schools have been left with fewer resources to address these needs and support student learning … The federal government ultimately needs to launch another War on Poverty, as conditions for America’s children are much worse than they were 30 years ago … Low-spending states and those with unequal distributions of education dollars need to increase and equalize school funding so that all children can learn and teachers can teach under reasonable conditions.”
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Nation’s Top Teachers Confront Betsy DeVos In Private Meeting


“Jon Hazell, Oklahoma’s teacher of the year, told DeVos that school choice policies are draining traditional public schools of resources in his state. He specifically referenced charter schools and private schools in voucher programs … DeVos’ staffers looked eager to take Hazell’s mic away, although they never did … Brian McDaniel, California’s teacher of the year … pressed DeVos for more support for music education … After Josh Meibos, Arizona’s teacher of the year, asked her about when striking teachers will be listened to … DeVos told Meibos that she … hopes ‘adults would take their disagreements and solve them not at the expense of kids’ … ‘She basically said that teachers should be teaching and we should be able to solve our problems not at the expense of children,’ Melissa Romano, Montana’s teacher of the year said. ‘For her to say at the ‘expense of children’ was a very profound moment and one I’ll remember forever, because that is so far from what is happening.'”
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Charter School Growth Puts Fiscal Pressure On Traditional Public Schools


“The presence of charter schools typically means that some of the funding that would otherwise have been available to the local school district is diverted to the charter schools … [When] the district loses 10% of its revenue … the district cannot simply reduce its costs by 10% because some of its costs are fixed … The growth of charter schools imposes clear fiscal pressures on local school districts … In Durham, N …, we calculate a burden of about $3,500 per charter school enrollee … These negative fiscal externalities suggest the desirability of statewide policies to ease the adverse fiscal impact of charter schools on traditional public schools … Temporary assistance may not suffice, however, if some of the fiscal impacts are permanent.”
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The Danger Of California Charter Schools

UConn Today

“Although charter schools are intended to offer students better educational opportunities, they also pose a danger of making inequities worse than they were … While charter schools can offer black and Latino students a modern-day version of … ‘separate but equal’ schools … there are outside entities that put financial gain ahead of educational quality … Unfettered expansion of the schools driven by these groups could further drain the educational resources of these communities, creating conditions even worse than those in the Jim Crow-like era.”
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The Arizona Teacher Walkouts Are Just A Skirmish In The Larger War On Public Education

Los Angeles Times

Derek Black writes, “Teachers in Arizona know a concession on pay isn’t the same thing as a genuine commitment to public education. State leaders … are so dead set on privatizing education or spending school funds elsewhere that they are ready to change any rules – even longstanding constitutional and democratic norms – to further that agenda. The biggest norm of all – the very concept that states provide an education to all children – dates back to the 1860s … Today, all 50 state constitutions, in one way or another, guarantee access to equal, adequate and stable public education … Many political leaders today, however, don’t want to abide by these norms. Some even question the state’s role in providing public education. If they can change constitutional norms, they can win the larger war over public education while conceding current skirmishes.”
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