5/17/2018 – NC Teachers Rally To Make Lawmakers Listen To Them

THIS WEEK: Teachers Against Austerity … Inequitable Course Choices … For-Profit College Cronyism … Shafting English Learners … Student Loan Hikes


NC Teachers Rally To Make Lawmakers Listen To Them

By Jeff Bryant

“Teachers in North Carolina made a huge statement this week when they shut down schools in at least 42 districts and thronged the state capital in an all-day march and rally that drew an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 people – way more than the 15,000 the state teachers’ association, that organized the event, promised. While their list of grievances was long and varied – from unmanageable class sizes to inadequate funding to stressed out work schedules – there was one theme that recurred when asked to explain what they hoped to accomplish. ‘We hope our state legislators listen to us.'”
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Teachers Are Leading The Revolt Against Austerity

The Nation

“Teachers and educational support staff in five states … have turned the entire country into their classroom … pushed for – and won – better pay and working conditions for themselves. They’ve also mounted a direct challenge to decades of bipartisan tax cuts for corporations, helping us all understand what austerity means … These strikes have garnered overwhelming support from the public, despite years of well-funded attacks on teachers unions… The broader progressive movement must make the teacher union fight our fight.”
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Decades After Brown v. Board, Unequal Class Offerings Remain A Problem

Education Week

“It’s no secret that students of color often have less access to high-level academic courses than do their peers in majority-white schools. But the full extent of some of those disparities is vividly sketched out in a new report … The report … compares course offerings in high schools serving a majority of black or brown students with the curricular choices in schools enrolling majority-white students within the same district or in nearby suburbs. The analysis found that in each of the 12 school pairings, the majority-white schools offered more academic and cultural enrichment opportunities.”
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Exclusive: Former For-Profit College Executive Shaped Education Department Policy That Could Benefit Former Employers: Documents

ABC News

“A senior U.S. Department of Education official hired straight out of the for-profit college sector helped dismantle regulations designed to protect students defrauded by for-profit colleges into taking out five-figure loans on promises that they would get good jobs – a move that could benefit his former employers … Ultimately, those potentially most impacted include many predominantly low-income, and minority students disproportionately represented at for-profit colleges and often saddled with high student loans and facing poor job prospects.'”
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Is Betsy DeVos About To Scrap The Federal Office For English-Language Learners?

Education Week

“Education and immigration advocates are pushing back against a Trump administration plan that would consolidate the federal office that helps guide education for millions of English-language-learner and immigrant students … U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would fold her department’s office of English-language acquisition into the broader office for elementary and secondary education … The proposal also calls for eliminating the director’s position for the English-language acquisition office.”
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The Cost of Borrowing For College Is About To Go Up

NBC News

“Students who need to borrow from the federal government to pay for college this fall will get hit with significantly higher interest rates. And the financial burden on lower-income students could increase even more if Congress approves President Donald Trump’s plan to eliminate subsidized student loans… Student loan experts are worried about the impact of the president’s proposed budget that calls for eliminating subsidized student loans for lower-income students. At a time when the nation is trying to find ways to make college more affordable, this would drive up the cost for millions of Americans.”
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