5/10/2018 – Charter Schools Are An ‘Existential Threat’ To Public Education

THIS WEEK: Teachers Are Winning … Changing Education Politics … DeVos Lifts Religious Schools … Trump Abandons Students … Teachers Flipped The Script


Charter Schools Are An ‘Existential Threat’ To Public Education

By Jeff Bryant

“New studies from California and North Carolina find charter schools extract millions from the public systems … Warnings of the negative fiscal impact imposed by charter schools are also coming from a very different group of people: investors in municipal bonds … Despite what may have been the original intention of the charter school movement, these schools, as they are currently conceived and operate, now pose a severe financial risk to public education. Rather than operating as partners to public schools, they more so resemble parasites.”
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The Teachers Are Winning. What Does It Mean For The Profession?

Education Week

“One of the striking teachers’ innovations of the teachers’ strikes … has been to make the link between teacher pay and overall school funding explicit … What’s not clear is whether the shorter-term salary hikes they’ve won … will help shake down solutions to long-term, structural budget issues … One of the most conspicuous elements of the walkouts is their comparatively narrow focus on school spending, not on other education policies … Lawmakers who have cut deals with striking teachers haven’t tried to attach any performance-related strings to them. The tenor of media coverage has changed, too … It has succeeded in illustrating the hard realities that teachers in the states with strikes have faced … The strikes prove how powerful organizing can be … Yet the strikes have been prompted by independent activists.”
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How Far Left Will Democrats Go On Education?

The New Republic

“Andrew Cuomo all but declared war on the teachers union when he ran for governor of New York eight years ago … Eight years later, Cynthia Nixon is … attacking Cuomo’s education policies … as a competing Democratic candidate for governor … The politics of education … should work in her favor … Many prominent Democrats … supported charter schools and other centrist education policies, such as linking teacher evaluations to standardized test scores. But President Donald Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos … has made charters – and anything remotely resembling ‘school choice’… increasingly toxic for Democrats … How Nixon performs in the Democratic primary in September will speak volumes about just how far left the party is willing to go on education; regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to influence the education debate among Democrats who are weighing a presidential run – including Cuomo himself.”
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DeVos Moves To Loosen Restrictions On Federal Aid To Religious Colleges

The New York Times

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, a lifelong advocate of Christian education, moved … to loosen federal regulations on religious colleges and universities … part of a sweeping deregulatory agenda for the Education Department … Education Department officials appear to be targeting regulations that would pose a legal risk after the Supreme Court ruled in June that states must sometimes provide aid to faith-based organizations … The department plans to review regulations, keeping an eye out for provisions that ‘unnecessarily restrict participation by religious entities.'”
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Trump’s CFPB Is Shutting The Office That Focuses On Student Loan Abuses

Los Angele3s Times

“The Trump administration signaled … it intends to pull back on investigating potential abuses by companies in the $1.5-trillion student loan market. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will shut its student lending office … The student loan office at the CFPB had been responsible for returning $750 million in relief.
Its responsibilities are being moved under the broad umbrella of ‘financial education’… The office had been primarily responsible for an investigation into the troubled student lender Navient, which the CFPB sued last year alleging unfair and abusive practices. The office also investigated and sued for-profit education company Corinthian Colleges.”
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Before The Chalk Dust Settles: Building On The 2018 Teachers’ Mobilization

The American Prospect

“Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this latest round of teacher labor power is that their demands are broad and inclusive … They have demanded a significant investment in children as well as a win on the ‘bread and butter’ issues. This type of focus helps defeat the false narrative that teachers are just greedy individuals who don’t care about children … Mass teacher mobilizations have not only avoided pitting themselves against parents, taxpayers, and members of the community who should be their natural allies. They have also helped lay the basis for a broad convergence of allies with common aims … These mobilizations have thus effectively “flipped the script” that has predominated for more than a generation in our political discourse, a script in which teachers’ unions and their demands were relentlessly scapegoated for everything that ailed public education.”
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