4/20/2017 – Early Signs Betsy DeVos Will Not Support Civil Rights

THIS WEEK: Church And State … Choosing Segregation … Costs Of No Excuses … Screwing College Students … Neovouchers


Early Signs Betsy DeVos Will Not Support Civil Rights

By Jeff Bryant

“So far, Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has sent numerous signs she is assembling a staff and laying down a policy mindset that seems indifferent – if not outright averse – to the needs of nonwhite students … The most alarming hire, so far, is for the head of the very office tasked to oversee civil rights enforcement in schools.”
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In Upcoming Case, Supreme Court Should Uphold Separation Of Church And State

The Century Foundation

“The U.S. Supreme Court … in a closely watched case… could pave the way for state funding of private religious schools … The case involves a challenge to an 1875 provision in the Missouri Constitution which prohibits spending taxpayer funds ‘directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect or denomination of religion’ … The federal district and circuit courts … upheld Missouri’s decision not to become entangled with religious institutions. But with President Trump’s appointee on the Supreme Court possibly holding the balance of power, the justices may take a serious step toward dismantling the wall separating church and state – a structure that has served our democracy so well over the generations.”
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When School Choice Means Choosing Segregation

Vice News

“A lawsuit pending appeal with the state Supreme Court alleges the growing segregation in Minnesota’s schools denies an adequate education to poor and minority kids and is the logical and illegal conclusion of the state’s abdication of its responsibility to integrate. It also alleges the state has allowed segregated charter schools to proliferate … Schools with large concentrations of poor or minority children … perform worse … Integration has repeatedly been shown to improve educational outcomes for all students … Charter advocates, for their part, are actively pushing back on the need to integrate at all … Integrating public schools isn’t possible without also integrating charter schools, and neither is possible without a court order.”
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Arresting And Suspending Students Costs City Millions Each Year, Report Says

Daily News

“Arresting and suspending students … cost [New York City] millions each year … more than $746 million … associated with students dropping out of school because of suspensions or arrests … ‘The $746 Million a Year School-to-Prison Pipeline’ calls for fewer student suspensions and the removal of NYPD personnel and metal detectors from public schools … ‘The city has an opportunity here to reinvest some of these funds into supportive programs and opportunities for students.'”
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Betsy DeVos Is Wasting No Time Screwing Over Students Who Borrow Money for College


“Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been sending some chilling signals lately about how she plans to deal with America’s $1.3 trillion student debt burden … Her department has scrapped Obama-era reforms that were designed to protect borrowers from being gouged or misled by the companies responsible for collecting their loans … DeVos seems less interested in protecting former students than in protecting the predators that have fleeced them for profit.”
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Tax Credits, School Choice And ‘Neovouchers’: What You Need To Know

The Conversation

“As Republican lawmakers craft a tax reform bill … it’s likely that the bill will also include a major education policy initiative from the Trump administration: a tax credit designed to fund private school vouchers … These new vouchers (or ‘neovouchers’) are similar to conventional vouchers in many ways, but there are some important differences … The complexity of the neovoucher approach obscures the fact that it’s really a voucher program, making it less of a political lightning rod … 17 states have tax-credit policies … generating a quarter-million vouchers and growing every year … Proposals are now appearing at a federal level.”
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