4/14/2016 – The Flint Effect: Will One City’s Crisis Spark A National Awakening?

THIS WEEK: The Trump Effect … Parents See Racial Disparities … School Closures Don’t Work … Childcare Is A Right … College Loans Not Getting Paid


The Flint Effect: Will One City’s Crisis Spark A National Awakening?

By Jeff Bryant

“While Katrina was a singular event with a tragically long legacy, Flint is proving to be the beginning of a story playing out over a much longer time period and in more than one place … Flint prompted school officials in many places to test classroom sinks and cafeteria faucets for lead. What they found was alarming.”
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Donald Trump’s Rhetoric Has Made Some Students Feel Unsafe, Report Says

Education Week

“The 2016 presidential election’s heated rhetoric and divisive policy proposals have had a negative effect on school climate, causing some students to feel unwelcome, unsafe, or singled out by their peers … [Survey]respondents overwhelmingly singled out billionaire businessman and Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump as the most problematic … More than two-thirds of the teachers reported that students – mainly immigrants, children of immigrants, and Muslims – have expressed concerns or fears about what might happen to them or their families.”
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Some Parents Of Color Don’t Think Schools Are Even Trying To Educate Their Children

The Washington Post

“Over 80% of African-American parents and over 60% of Latino parents said that they don’t think schools in their communities receive the same levels of funding as schools in white communities … An overwhelming number of parents from both groups said they think schools in low-income communities have fewer resources than schools in wealthy communities … In general, most surveyed black parents said they do not think kids from their communities are receiving a comparable education to the one white students receive, even though they have generally favorable opinions of the individual schools their children attend.”
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School Closures: A Blunt Instrument

American Prospect

“In urban districts across the United States – from Detroit to Newark to Oakland – communities are experiencing waves of controversial school closures as cash-strapped districts reckon with pinched budgets and changing politics … African Americans have been hit hardest by the school closings … A majority of closed schools are converted into charter schools.”
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The $90 Billion Question: Do We Need Government-Supplied Daycare?

The Washington Post

“Researchers at the Economic Policy Institute, a think tank in the District, say … America should invest more resources into building a national childcare system, one that rewards quality … The EPI authors recommend … expanding public funding for home visits by nurses to help expectant parents make healthy choices during pregnancy and adding subsidies for those who can’t afford high quality care … They also campaign for the public provision of early childhood education that focuses on cognitive development, so kids with different family incomes, can enter school at more equal levels of preparedness.”
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More Than 40% Of Student Borrowers Aren’t Making Payments

The Wall Street Journal

43% of the roughly 22 million Americans with federal student loans weren’t making payments … About 1 in 6 borrowers, or 3.6 million, were in default on $56 billion in student debt, meaning they had gone at least a year without making a payment. Three million more owing roughly $66 billion were at least a month behind … Another three million owing almost $110 billion were in ‘forbearance’ or ‘deferment,’ meaning they had received permission to temporarily halt payments due to a financial emergency, such as unemployment. The figures exclude borrowers still in school and those with government-guaranteed private loans.”
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