3/31/2016 – Is Education Being Measured To Death?

THIS WEEK: Friedrichs Is Dead … School Climate Matters … Not Enough School Nurses … Teachers Priced Out Of Houses … College As A Commodity


Is Education Being Measured To Death?

By Jeff Bryant

“April ushers in the beginning of testing season in public schools across the nation… but many students and parents appear to be anything but happy about that … The tests don’t serve purposes that are as clear and reasonable as their advocates would have us believe.”
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The Biggest Legal Attack On Unions In Decades Is Dead

Think Progress

“The Supreme Court announced … Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association is dead … Friedrichs was an attack on what are alternatively called ‘agency fees’ or ‘fair share fees’ … With the Court split 4-4, Friedrichs will have no effect and the Court’s previous precedents permitting agency fees will remain good law, binding on all lower court judges.”
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School Conditions Matter For Student Achievement, New Research Confirms

Chalkbeat New York

“A new study on New York City schools … found that significant gains in key measures of a school’s climate, like safety and academic expectations, can be linked to the equivalent of an extra month and a half of math instruction and, in some cases, a 25 percent reduction in teacher turnover.”
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Many School Districts Don’t Have Enough School Nurses

US News & World Report

“Less than half of the country’s public schools employ a full-time nurse, and in some of the worst cases – largely in poor, urban school systems – there’s only one school nurse for every 4,000 students …. The scarcity of nurses comes amid an all-time high in the incidence of childhood chronic illnesses – things like asthma, food allergies, diabetes, obesity and epilepsy.”
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More Teachers Can’t Afford To Live Where They Teach


“In high cost cities, teachers and their unions are increasingly making cost-of-living adjustments central to contract talks … Scores of cities have added affordable-housing quotas to rules on new development. Some are debating building subsidized condos or apartments specifically for teachers … The hope is that the moves will help stem a teacher turnover crisis.”
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The Commodification Of Higher Education

The Atlantic

“rankings have helped shape a world in which students are seen as consumers, and colleges and universities as commodities. The rankings are a key reason the higher-education landscape today operates like a marketplace in which institutions compete to convince the best students to buy their product … The larger the applicant pool is in relation to the student body, the more selective the school appears in those rankings … The temptation to dole out more merit aid traces back to the rankings, which incentivize colleges to try and enroll top-notch applicants.”
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