3/17/2016 – Don’t Blame Bernie; Most People Don’t Get Charter Schools

THIS WEEK: Teaching Trump … Inequity Causes Dropouts … Sweden’s Education Catastrophe … University Hedge Funds … College Loan Corruption


Don’t Blame Bernie; Most People Don’t Get Charter Schools

By Jeff Bryant

“When Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders fielded a question about charter schools at a Democratic Party presidential primary town hall, his answer left a lot of folks scratching their heads … There is … widespread confusion about charter schools … Charter schools are not private schools. But because of the ways in which they are privately controlled, they aren’t really public either.”
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The Parent-Child Discussion That So Many Dread: Donald Trump

The New York Times

“For some children, Mr. Trump’s message has filtered down in extremely upsetting, possibly dangerous, ways. Social media has buzzed with parents relaying their children’s fears that they or their friends will be deported, walled in or walled out if Mr. Trump becomes president … As much as they might want to, parents and educators cannot keep their children insulated from news about Mr. Trump.”
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Researchers Link Inequality To High School Dropout Rates

The Christian Science Monitor

“A new paper… debunks the common economic conception that inequality inspires those in the lower-income brackets to try harder in achieving upward mobility … Low-income youths who are exposed to considerable socioeconomic gaps are likely to view middle-class life as unattainable, resulting in a detachment from their futures.”
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‘It’s A Political Failure’: How Sweden’s Celebrated Schools System Fell Into Crisis

The Guardian

“Sweden, once regarded as a byword for high-quality education … has seen not only have scores in international tests gone down, inequality in the Swedish system has gone up … Sweden’s decline follows a raft of changes in the late 1980s and early 1990s that transformed the educational landscape … A voucher system was introduced giving parents the power to choose which school to send their child to. Each child was funded by the state, and if the child chose to go do a different school, the money would follow.”
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Universities Are Becoming Billion-Dollar Hedge Funds With Schools Attached

The Nation

“Over $100 billion of educational endowment money nationwide is invested in hedge funds, costing them approximately $2.5 billion in fees in 2015 alone. The problems with hedge funds managing college endowments are manifold, going well beyond the exorbitant – some would say extortionate – fees they charge for their services.”
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Elizabeth Warren’s Latest Challenge To College Loan Corruption

Campaign For America’s Future

Jeff Bryant reports, “Turning higher education into a high-stakes gamble propped up with historic levels of individual debt has increased the chance of hucksters like [Donald] Trump to ply their trade. But his scheme to swindle well-intentioned students is really a deft attempt at stretching the limits of a game whose rules and goals need to be challenged. Someone is taking on that challenge… Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.”
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