3/1/2018 – Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?

THIS WEEK: Poor Students Get Less Funding … Let Students Lead … Segregation Worsens … Civil Rights Complaints Rise… DeVos Defends Debt Collectors


Will Lawmakers Again Make Schools The Sacrificial Lamb For Gun Control?

By Jeff Bryant

“Real action on meaningful gun control should get the happy support of Congressional Democrats. But if precedent holds, the likely outcome of any ‘bipartisan’ action on guns and school safety will be that the gun lobby will convince enough Republicans to suppress any meaningful control of firearms and ammo while legislators in both parties will let new ‘security’ measures for schools sail through, and teachers and students will be worse off for it.”
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In Most States, Poorest School Districts Get Less Funding

US News & World Report

“In more than half of the states in the U.S., the poorest school districts do not receive funding to address their students’ increased needs … School districts with the highest rates of poverty receive about $1,000 less per student in state and local funding than those with the lowest rates of poverty … Illinois, Missouri, New York and Alabama rank among the worst.”
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‘Let The Youth Lead’: Student Activists Nationwide Demand Change After Parkland Shooting

Education Week

“The upwelling of youth activism across the country galvanized by the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School stands in stark contrast to that seen after previous school shootings … They’ve grown up in an era of practicing emergency lockdowns and active shooter drills … And they’ve grown up on social media … The tragedy in Parkland comes amid an already ripe time for high-profile political action … Students have seen protests over the past year, such as the Women’s March, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and demonstrations to support young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers.”
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Half-Century Of US Civil Rights Gains Have Stalled Or Reversed, Report Finds

The Guardian

“Civil rights gains of the past half-century have stalled or in some areas gone into reverse, according to a report marking the 50th anniversary of the landmark Kerner Commission. Child poverty has increased, schools have become resegregated and white supremacists are becoming emboldened and more violent … The African American achievement gap in reading decreased by half during the early 1970s and early 1980s … However, that with the elimination of major federal programs under Ronald Reagan during the 1980s, the achievement gap in reading grew once again and is now 30% bigger than it was 30 years ago.”
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Schools See Major Uptick In Racial Harassment, New Data Suggests


“The U.S. Department of Education’s civil rights division saw a significant increase in the number of complaints it received regarding racial harassment in schools … in 2017 … The increase represents the biggest rise in this category since at least 2009 … Harassment complaints underwent a specific leap. Other types of complaints that involve race or national origin might cover disproportionate disciplining of minority students or segregation.”
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Education Department Wants To Protect Student Loan Debt Collectors


“The U.S. Department of Education, under Secretary Betsy DeVos, argues that the nation’s loan servicers should be protected from state rules that may be far tougher than federal law … The memo … marks the latest move by the Trump administration to align itself with debt collectors over the nation’s 44 million student loan borrowers … A bipartisan group of 26 state attorneys general – including reliably conservative Montana, Tennessee, Kansas and Texas – wrote to DeVos in October, urging her to ‘reject an ongoing campaign by student loan servicers and debt collectors to secure immunity for themselves from state-level oversight and enforcement.'”
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