3/10/2016 – The Urgent Education Issue That Needs To Be In The Presidential Debates

THIS WEEK: Community Schools Are Key … School Integration Progress … Common Core Fail … ALEC’s Education Bills … Too Many College CEOs


The Urgent Education Issue That Needs To Be In The Presidential Debates

By Jeff Bryant

“Numerous observers have noticed K-12 education has finally gotten some meaningful attention in the presidential primary debate … Hearing how our potential leaders might take on the real crisis at hand – the inadequacy of how our education system is funded – might take the whole nation closer in a direction toward more meaningful change.”
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Why Community Schools Are The Key To Our Future


“While poor schools have taken many paths to transform themselves into successful schools, one particular path has worked again and again. There are 5.1 million children enrolled in approximately 5,000 community schools in the United States, and those numbers are growing quickly … While there is a fair amount of variability within schools that have implemented this strategy, thousands of schools have gotten it just right.”
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Is School Integration Finally Making The Grade?

New America Foundation

“Aside from President Obama’s proposal to more than double federal spending on school integration efforts … socioeconomic integration of schools is already taking place in … 91 districts and charter networks in 32 states that use socioeconomic status as a factor in student assignment. This represents a significant increase in the last twenty years … over four million students, about eight percent of all public school students.”
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Academic Expectations Around The Country, Updated For Common Core

Hechinger Report

“Common Core … backers hoped that all states would insist that their students learn enough to be prepared for college when they graduated from high school. But a recent analysis … after the adoption of the Common Core, shows that most states are still not expecting their students to be on a college-ready trajectory … Academic expectations continue to differ even among the 45 states that adopted the new standards.”
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Cashing In On Kids: 172 ALEC Education Bills Push Privatization In 2015

The Center For Media And Democracy

“ALEC has cooked up a variety of means of gaining ground on school privatization … A handful of ALEC bills claim to offer ‘scholarships’ … but are actually targeted voucher programs … ALEC and its allies have additionally sought to move away from the term ‘vouchers’ and towards ‘education savings accounts.'”
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Universities Run Into Problems When They Hire Presidents From The Business World

Think Progress

“An increasing number of university presidents with business backgrounds are coming into colleges with the idea to reform them and make them more marketable, more desirable, and, in turn, more profitable. But the problem is that they often have little to no experience in academia – and may see education as something that serves the university’s financial needs rather than something that should serve students’ and professors’ needs … Universities have very different cultures and hierarchies than corporations, yet there is a belief that corporate management goals can easily be applied to schools, while no one would expect the reverse.”
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