2/8/2018 – Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

THIS WEEK: The DC Reform Lie … CA Closing Achievement Gaps … Teaching About Slavery … Charter School Fail … Cancel College Debt


Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

By Jeff Bryant

“With nearly a third of Puerto Rico’s 1,100 schools still without power and hundreds more plagued with crumbling walls, leaky rooves, and spotty Internet, Governor Ricardo Rosselló recently announced he will propose to create charter schools and voucher programs as a recovery strategy for the island’s education system … ‘The disaster capitalism coming to the azure waters of Puerto Rico is very similar to the school privatization and private-control education reform causing an uproar in Chicago and Detroit.'”
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Once A National Model, Now D.C. Public Schools Target Of FBI Investigation

The Washington Post

“D.C. school system has been the crown jewel of public policy… With the revelation … that more than 900 students – one-third of last year’s high school graduates – should not have been awarded diplomas because of truancy and other problems, the school system has turned virtually overnight into an embarrassment … The scandal is reverberating far beyond the District, as a busy cottage industry of education policy analysts takes stock of whether the inflated graduation rates point to basic flaws in reforms the city has exported to other struggling school districts.”
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Research Shows California Schools Are Narrowing Achievement Gaps


“New research shows that California’s landmark overhaul of public education finance and accountability is narrowing achievement gaps between groups of students and helping parents learn about school progress … The authors examined the impact of the Gov. Jerry Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula, which gave school districts more control over the use of state funds in exchange for greater accountability and parent engagement at the local level … LCFF ‘led to significant increases in high school graduation rates and academic achievement, particularly among children from low-income families.’ Students in the highest-poverty districts showed greater academic gain … LCFF funding was used to improve classroom learning by lowering student-to-teacher ratios and helping districts recruit and train new teachers.”
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Schools Are Failing To Teach The Truth About Slavery, The SPLC Says

Education Week

“What students are taught about slavery is fragmentary, without context, and worst of all, glossed over or sanitized, says the report, which was released this morning. Slavery … is taught … by focusing on resistance or escape, rather than the violence it wrought on black bodies and families. It’s taught as a Southern phenomenon … never considered alongside white supremacist ideology, which was explicitly created to justify slavery … The voices and varied experiences of slaves are generally excised; and, connections to topics like the Great Migration and the civil rights movement … are missing.”
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Charter School Transferred Nearly $1 Million To CEO In Years Prior To Closing

Arizona TV 3/CBS 5

“Hundreds of students and their parents were blindsided … when they arrived at Goodyear’s Discovery Creemos Academy and found the charter school shuttered. Many were unaware of the extent of the financial trouble the school had gone through … But it appears that at least part of that trouble was exacerbated by payments made to school administration. Tax returns … show an increasing amount of money paid to and transferred to Discovery Creemos Academy president and CEO Daniel Hughes and entities controlled by Hughes in the years prior to the school’s abrupt closure … The payments to Hughes and Creemos in 2015 totaled $949,000.”
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Want To Grow The US Economy? Cancel Student Debt, New Report Shows


“A report … finds that there would be huge benefits if the federal government were to forgive all existing student debt. This would ripple out from young people struggling to pay off massive college loans to the economy as a whole … Canceling all student debt would likely lead to an increase in U.S. GDP between $861 billion and $1,083 billion over the course of 10 years. It would also lead to an increase of 1.18 to 1.55 million additional new jobs over the same period – that’s about 50% to 70% more jobs per year compared to an average of recent years. This new analysis comes at a time when more than 44 million American have a collective $1.3 trillion in student debt – higher than both auto U.S. debt and credit card debt.”
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