2/25/2016 – The Education ‘Reform’ Bargain Is Off. What’s Needed Instead.

THIS WEEK: Money Matters … Education As Equalizer? … Why Replicate Findland … Student Activism Works … Climate Change Taught Wrong


The Education ‘Reform’ Bargain Is Off. Here’s What We Need Instead.

By Jeff Bryant

“Because the original bargain of education reform was broken at the outset, let’s free the conversation of the constraints of that deal and instead consider what we can do to support equity. That’s what a real conversation about education policy would be all about.”
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How Do You Fix Schools? Maybe Just Give Them More Money.


“What if simply throwing more money at schools actually is a reasonable approach? A couple of interesting recent studies suggest it might be … This new wavelet of research should at the very least weaken the by-now-conventional wisdom that cash alone can’t ease the problems that ail our education system. Maybe money is a solution, after all.”
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Still Think America Is The ‘Land Of Opportunity’? Look At This Chart.

The Washington Post

“Policymakers on the left and right often tout education as the bridge to help poor kids make their way up the income ladder … But striking new research from the Brookings Institution shows that simply sending more kids to college won’t fix income inequality: As it turns out, a college degree is worth a lot less, earnings-wise, to poor kids than to rich ones.”
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How Finland Broke Every Rule – And Created A Top School System

The Hechinger Report

“Finland’s historic achievements in delivering educational excellence and equity to its children are the result of a national love of childhood, a profound respect for teachers as trusted professionals, and a deep understanding of how children learn best … What if many of Finland’s educational practices are not cultural quirks or non-replicable national idiosyncrasies – but are instead bare-minimum global best practices that all our children urgently need, especially those children in high-poverty schools?”
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High School Student Activism Makes An Impact

Education Week

“Student walk-outs and boycotts have been effective in generating attention for a number of issues around the country … What’s remarkable and inspiring is that at a young age our teens can also be thoughtful, informed, passionate, and right.”
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Why Science Teachers Are Struggling With Climate Change


“Many middle and high school science teachers are getting climate change wrong … Roughly 30 percent tell students that humans are only partly to blame for climate change, along with natural causes.”
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