2/24/2017 – Trump And DeVos Have A Deceptive Scheme To Push School Vouchers

THIS WEEK: Trump Attacks Transgenders … DeVos Outrages … NCLB Failed … Fair Schools Matter … For-Profits Booming


Trump And DeVos Have A Deceptive Scheme To Push School Vouchers

By Jeff Bryant

“If new reports out this week are credible, and they appear to be, a school voucher program is indeed on the president’s agenda – only it’s not being called that. There are reasons for the deception, and it’s important for progressives to understand how to frame Trump’s scheme before the public debate starts.”
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Trump Administration Rescinds Transgender-Student Guidance

Education Week

“The U.S. departments of Justice and Education rescinded Obama-era guidance on the rights of transgender students … lifting requirements that schools allow students to use the restrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity … ‘This is an issue best solved at the state and local level’ … Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said … A case brought by a transgender Virginia boy against his school district is still due before the U.S. Supreme Court … A lower court granted Gavin Grimm an injunction … While the about-face at the federal level may remove a layer of legal protection for transgender students, it doesn’t change the ability for state and local decisionmakers to determine how to best accommodate transgender students in schools.”
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So Far, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Is Just What Her Critics Feared

The Washington Post

Valerie Strauss writes, “DeVos has … insulted teachers … bashed protesters … said she would be fine if the department she runs is shut down … did not participate in the first Twitter chat her department had for teachers … made crystal clear that a top priority will be pushing for alternatives to traditional public schools … Close ally of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, DeVos has talked up the Sunshine State’s corporate school reform … heaping praise on a tax credit program to help students with disabilities, the same program that … sparked ‘cottage industry of fraud.’”
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No Child Left Behind: A Deeply Flawed Federal Policy

Wiley Online Library

Researcher Helen Ladd writes, “Proponents expected NCLB to boost student achievement overall … The overall test score effects of NCLB are clearly disappointing. Moreover, its positive effects on certain subgroups in some grades and subjects were far from sufficient to move the needle much on test score gaps … A ‘broader and bolder’ approach to education, one that addresses the challenges that many disadvantaged children bring to school, was needed. Such an approach would include high-quality pre-school, better health services, and more high-quality afterschool and summer programs of the type that children from middle class families take for granted.”
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When School Doesn’t Seem Fair, Students May Suffer Lasting Effects

Education Week

“When students believe schools are unfair places, their loss of trust can lead to a lack of engagement that affects them for years … Students who perceive a lack of justice or disparate treatment for certain racial groups may respond with defiant behavior. And discipline for that behavior may cause them to become further disengaged from school, fostering a spiral of defiance that may lead to poor outcomes, such as less likelihood of college enrollment … Black and Hispanic students, who often bear the brunt of inconsistent school discipline, are less likely than white peers to trust their schools.”
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For-Profit Schools, An Obama Target, See New Day Under Trump

The New York Times

“Since Election Day, for-profit college companies have been on a hot streak. DeVry Education Group’s stock has leapt more than 40%. Strayer’s jumped 35% and Grand Canyon Education’s more than 28% .… Trump ran the now-defunct Trump University … DeVos … is an ardent campaigner for privately run schools and has investments in for-profit educational ventures … Under the Obama administration, the Education Department discouraged students from attending for-profit colleges … [Obama’s education] department identified 800 failing 98% percent of the programs were at for-profit colleges.”
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One thought on “2/24/2017 – Trump And DeVos Have A Deceptive Scheme To Push School Vouchers”

  1. The GOP wants many kids left behind because the bigger the group of ignorant and uneducated voters the bigger the vote for the GOP . The uneducated are far more likely to believe the total nonsense such as the stupid story tha Hillary was running some kind of child abuse ring out of a pizza joint. The gop needs the bulk of Americans to be easily influenced by their silly stories and reallly bad schools are the easy way to accomplish that, esp with religious schools that believe kids rode on dinosaurs. And they are taught that believers have the right to harm anyone who does not please them. The GOP is such a wonderful decisive party .

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