2/18/2016 – What School Walk-Ins Teach Us

THIS WEEK: Doing Pre-K Wrong … Viral Video Stokes Democratic Party Division … Segregation Produces Criminals … How Basics Improve Schools … New Crackdown On For-Profits


What School Walk-Ins Teach Us

By Jeff Bryant

“This week, thousands of teachers, parents, students, and community supporters of public education demonstrated … in a series of “walk-in” protests in over 30 cities involving 900 schools … What’s important … is to hear why the walk-ins are happening and what protestors are saying.”
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We’re Doing Preschool All Wrong, Says New Book

Huffington Post

“A childhood development specialist at Yale University … argues that preschools are no longer giving children enough room to play, leading them to become less inquisitive, curious thinkers … One culprit is the accountability movement in K-12 education … Preschool has become more focused on academics, but not necessarily more effective in nurturing a child’s cognitive development.”
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This Viral Video Of A Teacher Berating A Student Is A Window On The Charter School Debate


Education reporter Libby Nelson writes, “A secretly recorded video of a teacher at a well-known New York charter school berating a first-grader … is getting a lot of attention … But the fight over charter schools is also bigger than New York – it’s part of a broader division within the Democratic Party on education.”
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How Segregated Schools Turn Kids Into Criminals

The Washington Post

“Resegregation caused the test score gap … to widen between white kids and black kids, as well as between poor kids and rich kids. Now, an even more troubling lesson has emerged. It turns out that segregated schools can become potent incubators of crime.”
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Learning From London About School Improvement

The News And Observer

Former New York Times education editor Edward Fiske and Duke University professor Helen Ladd write, ” Since the late 1990s, the academic performance of elementary and secondary school students in London has risen dramatically … due largely to significant gains in the 13 boroughs … that have the greatest concentrations of low-income and ethnic-minority students … English educators … rather than experimenting with governance or structural changes … focused their attention on time-honored fundamentals.”
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Education Department Takes Aim At Errant For-Profits

US News & World Report

“The Department of Education is creating a Student Aid Enforcement Unit to respond more quickly to allegations of illegal actions by higher education institutions … The announcement of the enforcement unit is the latest in a series of steps taken by the Obama administration over the last seven years aimed at more tightly regulating the for-profit college industry.”
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