2/16/2017 – DeVos’s Stumbles Right Out Of The Gate Are Nothing To Laugh About

THIS WEEK: What DeVos Did … Choice Causes Segregation … School Integration … Voucher Disaster … Trump’s Muslim Ban


DeVos’s Stumbles Right Out Of The Gate Are Nothing To Laugh About

By Jeff Bryant

“Betsy DeVos’s … stumbles right out the gate reveal disturbing characteristics of her leadership … Given her lack of experience … it’s perhaps understandable DeVos would not be very knowledgeable about policy ideas that have helped educators transform schools … But what’s most concerning is that she doesn’t seem the least bit interested in those policy ideas … DeVos … portends a near future of ideological warfare over basic education justice in the country.”
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Betsy DeVos Is Coming For Your Children


“Unlike, say, Ben Carson and Rick Perry, who are totally ignorant of housing and energy policy and have no relevant experience in their new fields, DeVos is highly qualified to implement her vision – children using vouchers to attend Kiddie Cato Institutes in the back of churches, more or less – for America. After all, she’s done it before … The frightening thing about DeVos, though, is less how dystopian her ideas are than how successful she’s been at imposing them. She’s had her way with Detroit … Detroit went from a public school system with an overlay of healthy alternatives to a mess of unregulated choice where the alternatives have begun to swallow the system whole. This is what DeVos wants to bring to America.”
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Schools In The Nation’s Capital Are Embarrassingly Segregated

The Huffington Post

“The city’s school segregation problem has been exacerbated by school choice policies like the ones currently championed by President Donald Trump and his secretary of education, Betsy DeVos. Charter schools in D.C. are overwhelmingly black. The city’s small voucher program ― which allows kids to attend private schools using taxpayer money ― is designed to serve low-income children, but has actually underserved black kids, the report says. … The benefits of desegregated schools are well-documented … Racially mixed schools are proven to benefit both white students and students of color.”
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The Promise Of Integrated Schools

The Atlantic

“Two recent reports offer the latest research to point to hopeful trends as more school districts pursue integration – with promising benefits shown for students of color and their white peers in racially diverse classrooms … In 1996 … just two school districts nationwide … used socioeconomic status as a factor in student assignment policies … Today, 91 school jurisdictions deliberately blend affluent and less-advantaged children, totaling over 4 million students, about 8 percent of K-12 public-school enrollment … Racially integrated schools improve education for students of all races and accomplish one immeasurable advantage: helping youth challenge stereotypes and their implicit biases toward people of different races and ethnicities.”
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Chile’s School Voucher System: Enabling Choice or Perpetuating Social Inequality?

New America

“Chile implemented a universal school voucher program 1981, as part of a series of free-market economic reforms ushered in by Dictator Augusto Pinochet, who rose to power in a 1973 coup d’état … Chile’s voucher program has been widely studied and largely found to have exacerbated inequality, reduced public school enrollment and minimal to no impact on student achievement … Voucher systems are no cure for the inequities that plague our education system.”
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How The Immigration Controversy Could Drive Up The Cost Of College

The Hechinger Report

“Scores of U.S. schools have come to rely on international students to keep their budgets in the black … That could make [Trump’s] immigration order much more disruptive to higher education than has previously been understood. More than one million international students studied at U.S. colleges and universities last year … Those students added an estimated $35 billion to the U.S. economy … Students from the seven countries in the travel ban alone bring in more than $700 million … Several colleges and universities are already reporting drop-offs in international applications.”
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