1/29/2015 – Senator Warren Clarifies The Money Matter

January 29, 2015 Subscribe THIS WEEK: Get Rid Of College Debt … Common Core Is Less Common … School Choice Is Hard … Teacher Run Schools … Rich Kids Get Most School Funds TOP STORY Senator Warren Clarifies The Money Matter In Revising NCLB By Jeff Bryant “Where can Democrats find clarity in the current … Continue reading “1/29/2015 – Senator Warren Clarifies The Money Matter”

THIS WEEK: Get Rid Of College Debt … Common Core Is Less Common … School Choice Is Hard … Teacher Run Schools … Rich Kids Get Most School Funds


Senator Warren Clarifies The Money Matter In Revising NCLB

By Jeff Bryant

“Where can Democrats find clarity in the current debate over how to rewrite No Child Left Behind legislation? … The federal government spends nearly $79 billion annually on primary and secondary education programs, and state governments eagerly want to get their hands on that money … What’s sorely needed in the revision of the federal statues is to put the emphasis back on its original intent to spend money where it’s needed most. Senator Warren has provided a powerful corrective message that Democrats everywhere should heed.”
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Liberate 41 Million Americans From Student Loan Debt

Campaign For America’s Future

“It is time for a truly transformative idea: Let’s abolish all student loan debt in America. If you agree, click here

to take action … Our massive student debt burden is a moral and ethical challenge. This debt draws upon the as-yet unearned wealth of each new generation, mortgaging tomorrow’s wealth and inhibiting the prosperity of the future … We are not naïve. We know that this idea will meet with bitter resistance from those who argue that it ‘rewards the undeserving’ … There are those who will argue that the idea is fiscally irresponsible, despite the fact that it will have a positive economic impact in the long-term … This is a new idea to most people. It represents a fundamental shift in our moral universe … These shifts don’t come easily. They take time, and debate – and an organized movement. We hope you will join us

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What Happens When The Common Core Becomes Less … Common?

The Washington Post

“The Common Core State Standards were envisioned as a way to measure most of the nation’s students against a shared benchmark, but education experts say political upheaval and the messy reality of on-the-ground implementation is threatening that original goal … As some states head into their first round of testing, the picture has fragmented amid political blowback from parents and conservative lawmakers … There has been even broader resistance to the common standardized tests … Opposition to the Common Core tests has come amid a broader national debate about standardized testing, which many parents and teachers argue has warped public education.”
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Parents Confront Obstacles as School Choice Expands

Education Week

“Research shows that an abundance of school choice doesn’t guarantee access, and many parents in high-choice cities struggle to find adequate information, transportation, and, ultimately, the right school for their children … Part of the argument for school choice is based on the idea that consumer demand for good schools will increase their supply and starve out their poorly performing counterparts. But parents, especially those with less education or with children who have special needs, face multiple barriers when choosing a school … As choices multiply, new problems crop up, often with no clear entity to take charge of solving them … Having a large enough supply of good choices is also a challenge.”
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Let Teachers Run The Schools

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“Teachers are in charge of at least 70 public schools in 15 states; most, but not all, are charter schools. Ten more teacher-run schools … are in the planning stages. These schools are not only redesigning the learning process to better engage students, they’re improving student performance. On top of that, they’re stemming the high dropout rate among teachers … Most teachers have no say in their schools’ decisions about hiring, promotions, firing, budgets, pay levels, curriculum or scheduling. This lack of control is a big reason they leave the profession … Having more control keeps teachers and students more engaged … There are many different teacher-run models; some schools have principals, but teachers make the key decisions, even selecting the principal … The biggest obstacles to the spread of teacher-run schools are school districts’ central rules, most of which make it impossible to use unusual personnel configurations, alter budgets and make myriad other changes the teacher-run model demands.”
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Rich Kids In Low-Income Countries Get Most Of The Public Education Money: UN

International Business Times

“A new United Nations report finds … almost half of public education resources spent in low-income countries of the developing world goes to benefit just 10% of the best-educated students, who tend to come from affluent families … The trend documented by the report shows poor, developing-world countries mimicking a trend in the United States … In the United States ‘many high-poverty schools receive less than their fair share of state and local funding’ … Unicef is calling on wealthy countries and corporations to devote more international aid to education initiatives that will more fairly distribute resources.”
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