1/25/2018 – Largest Charter School Fail Ever Doesn’t Faze ‘School Choice’ Fans

THIS WEEK: School Shootings Abound … Rural Schools Ignored … For-Profit College Chaos … Conservatives Deny Racism … Arizona Charter Fraud


Largest Charter School Fail Ever Doesn’t Faze ‘School Choice’ Fans

By Jeff Bryant

“In the run up to what was billed as ‘record breaking celebrations’ of charter schools and other forms of “school choice,” there was a serious bump in the road when news outlets in Ohio reported the largest charter school closure ever in that state, and perhaps the nation, had suddenly sent over 12,000 students and their families scrambling to find new schools midyear … Charter schools … which are driven by market-based principles, seem to guarantee a certain portion are expected to fail. Do you really think that is something to celebrate?”
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School Shooting in Kentucky Was Nation’s 11th of Year. It Was Jan. 23.

The New York Times

“Gunfire ringing out in American schools used to be rare, and shocking. Now it seems to happen all the time … Jarred and fearful school administrators across the country have been placing greater emphasis on preparing for the possibility of an active shooter … 19 states were requiring individual schools to have plans for how to deal with an active shooter. Only 12 states required schools to conduct drills, but two-thirds of school districts reported that they had staged active shooter exercises.”
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Rural Schools Often Ignored in Research and Policy Discussions

Education Week

“The poverty, inequity, and isolation that students in rural schools must cope with are often overlooked in education research and policy discussions, according to a new report … More than 9 million students attend rural K-12 schools in the United States … Rural schools struggle to hire and train teachers and often have limited access to advanced coursework.”
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Are States Doing Enough To Regulate For-Profit Colleges? This Study Says No.

The Washington Post

“New research … documents differences among states in how well their laws protect students from bad actors in the for-profit college industry … Forty-three states … earned failing grades. Six others received a D, while California alone scored a B for its oversight of for-profit schools … State oversight is especially important as the Trump administration rolls back Obama-era regulations designed to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges. But too many states rely on the oversight of accreditation agencies that are funded by the fees of the schools they rate.”
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Despite Conservatives Just Don’t Understand That Racism Runs Deep in American Education


“The DeVos-led Department of Education is currently cooking up ways to get rid of the 2014 Obama-era guidelines for K-12 public school discipline, which was aimed at ameliorating discrepancies based on race, class and disability when it comes to how students are punished in school … The 2014 guidelines are crucial for addressing the implicit bias that exists in schools … ‘Studies consistently show that even when engaging in the exact same type of misbehavior, minorities are more likely to punished, and punished more severely, than white students’ … Black children … deserve to learn, feel safe and thrive in educational environments where they won’t be punished at higher rates than their white peers due to racist assumptions about their lack of innocence and predilections for criminality.”
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The Mess In Arizona’s Charter School Sector

The Washington Post

“Some states have laws that provide some oversight and consequences for failing charters. Other states, not so much. Arizona is one of those ‘not so much’ states … Statutes even mandate that the state auditor general cannot monitor charter schools … Charter schools have been allowed for years to systematically submit false and incomplete spending data to the state, making it impossible to detect waste and fraud … 38 charter owners did not report teacher data in 2017 … 180 charter owners out of 418 underreported administrative expenditures … The result is $1.5 billion in state funding given to charter schools with no expectation of accountability.”
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