12/15/2016 – Hillsdale College Connection Reveals Trump’s Extremist Education Agenda

THIS WEEK: DeVos Screwed Detroit … Pre-K’s Big ROI … Cops But No Counselors … Trumpism’s Threat To Academia … Crackdown On Student Journalists


What The Hillsdale College Connection Reveals About Donald Trump’s Extremist Education Agenda

By Jeff Bryant

“Trump’s selection of DeVos for Education Secretary is not the only clue that the nation’s education policy may be in for a sharp veer to the religious right … Anyone who strives for a clear-eyed view of the Trump administration’s oncoming education agenda will find there is no evidence – zero – of anything other than the most extreme policy agenda for the nation’s public schools.”
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How Trump’s Education Nominee Bent Detroit To Her Will On Charter Schools

The New York Times

“Few disagreed that schools in Detroit were a mess … So city leaders across the political spectrum agreed on a fix, with legislation to provide oversight and set standards … But the bill died without even getting a final vote. And the person most influential in killing it is now President-elect Donald J. Trump’s nominee to oversee the nation’s public schools, Betsy DeVos … DeVos pushed back on any regulation as too much regulation. Charter schools should be allowed to operate as they wish.’”
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New Pre-K Study Finds Ambitious Programs Bring Big Returns On Investment


“A study published … broke down decades of data from a group of 30-somethings who attended two North Carolina early childhood programs in the 1970s. They found that every dollar spent on this cohort of kids created $6.30 in return … The researchers used data detailed enough to calculate whether placement in one of the two child care programs increased the future earnings of participants, boosted their parents’ earning potential, improved participants’ health, and reduced the likelihood participants would commit crimes… The study also found … programs managed to boost participants’ IQ and that the boost sustained itself into adulthood.”
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Schools With Police But No School Counselors

Education Week

“1.6 million students attend public schools that have an on-site law enforcement officer but no school counselor … Minorities experience different forms of school discipline: black K-12 students are 3.8 times as likely as white students to receive one or more out-of-school suspensions and 1.9 times as likely to be expelled … Disparities in exclusionary discipline … may be an important driver of racial disparities in juvenile court referrals.”
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Trumpism Poses The Most Dire Threat To Academic Freedom In Recent Memory

The Nation

“A young conservative activist backed by the extremist right-wing organization Turning Points USA created the Professor Watchlist. Listing 195 professors believed to be hostile to the group’s agenda of unregulated capitalism, white-supremacist politics, and opposition to women’s reproductive freedom, it is a rough draft of a possible Trump-era blacklist … Professors across the nation found themselves suddenly targeted by well-connected conservative activists … No one knows what will come of it, but the shock has ricocheted through the halls of campuses all across the country.”
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Student Journalists Are Under Threat


“According to a new report … a disquieting trend of administrative censorship of student-run media has been spreading quietly across the country … The report chronicles more than 20 previously unreported cases of media advisers ‘suffering some degree of administrative pressure to control, edit, or censor student journalistic content’ … In many of the cases … administration officials ‘threatened retaliation against students and advisers not only for coverage critical of the administration but also for otherwise frivolous coverage that the administrators believed placed the institution in an unflattering light.’”
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