12/14/2017 – Is Betsy DeVos About To Pump Up The School-To-Prison Pipeline?

THIS WEEK: Tax Plan Hurts Schools … Vouchers Spread Religious Indoctrination … Who’s Pushing ‘Portfolio’ Model? … Educators Oppose Choice … Pre-K Pays Off


Is Betsy DeVos About To Pump Up The School-To-Prison Pipeline?

By Jeff Bryant

“The Trump administration’s repeal of Obama-era guidelines allowing transgender students to use the school bathroom of their preference was just the beginning of a long list of regulatory reversals including efforts to ensure school discipline practices don’t discriminate against students by race or disability and disproportionally push students into a school-to-prison pipeline.'”
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Does The 2017 Tax Reform Bill Help Private Schools And Hurt Public Schools?


“Changes proposed in the 2017 tax reform bill working its way through Congress will have palpable repercussions in many areas of American life, including education … Repealing the state and local tax (SALT) deduction … would have adverse impact on public schools … The SALT deduction and local tax rates are so interlinked that the former amounts to a federal subsidy … Private schools would fare much better. A revision of Section 529 of the existing federal tax code extends the applicability of so-called 529 plans (tax-exempt savings accounts covering higher education expenses) to tuitions for K-12 private and parochial schools, as well as the costs of homeschooling … The benefits could be significant for well-to-do families who send their children to private schools.”
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Voucher Schools Championed By Betsy DeVos Can Teach Whatever They Want. Turns Out They Teach Lies.


“Fundamentalist religious schools… are among thousands in the United States that participate in private school choice programs, which most often come in the form of state-level voucher or tax credit scholarships … There are thousands of kids receiving an extremist and ultraconservative education at the expense of taxpayers … About 75 percent of voucher schools across the country are religious … Most states have little oversight on the curriculum used in schools that participate in private school choice programs. Some states have zero regulations on the topic … With taxpayers footing the bill for religious private schools, the separation of church and state, a cornerstone of American democracy, becomes a murky line.”
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A ‘Portfolio’ Of Schools? How A Nationwide Effort To Disrupt Urban School Districts Is Gaining Traction


“A growing number of philanthropists, advocates, and policymakers say the way to improve schools is to upend the traditional school district … They want to see more charter schools and more district schools run like charter schools … Those ideas make up what’s known as the ‘portfolio model’ for managing schools, and its advocates are making a significant mark on a number of American school districts … A loosely connected network of nonprofit groups is working to reshape the way their school districts function. Their national scope has gone mostly unexamined.”
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Many Educators Skeptical Of School Choice, Including Conservatives, Survey Shows

Education Week

“Classroom teachers, principals, and district superintendents are highly skeptical of vouchers, charter schools, and tax-credit scholarships. And that includes many who voted for President Donald Trump, and even some who teach at private schools… A plurality of those surveyed – 45% – ‘fully oppose’ charter schools, while another 26% ‘somewhat oppose’ them. And 58% don’t support using government funds to help students cover the cost of private school, while 19% said they ‘somewhat oppose’ vouchers. Meanwhile, about half oppose or ‘somewhat oppose’ tax-credit scholarships, which give individuals and corporations a tax break for donating to scholarship-granting organizations.”
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Does Preschool Pay Off? Tulsa Says Yes


“Researchers were able to show that Tulsa’s pre-K program has significant, positive effects on students’ outcomes and well-being through middle school … Why is this study a big deal? Because it’s the first long-term study of a universal pre-K program that shows how kids benefit. Middle school students who were in pre-K years earlier have higher math test scores, are more likely to enroll in honors courses, and are noticeably less likely to have been retained in grade … The long-term benefits of the Tulsa program exceed the short-term costs by at least two to one in current dollars.”
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