11/2/2017 – How The Republican Tax Scheme Will Screw Your Local Schools

THIS WEEK: Students Are Stressed … Teachers Are Too … New Koch Attack … School Choice Screws Small Towns … College Inequity Grows


How The Republican Tax Scheme Will Screw Your Local Schools

By Jeff Bryant

“There’s a lot that’s bad in the tax scheme Republicans are cooking up on Capitol Hill right now, but one particularly odious ingredient is a proposal to eliminate the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT) which could end up undercutting funding for education … Eliminating the SALT deduction would be ‘an assault on local governance’ and the ‘long-term economic stability in our communities.'”
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Teachers Report Stressed, Anxious Students In The ‘Age Of Trump’


“Teachers report that in the current political climate, some of their students fear for themselves and their families. Others reported that students seem more ’emboldened’ to express racist and derogatory views … 79% of teachers reported that students have expressed concerns for their well-being … 51% of teachers reported more students experiencing ‘high levels of stress and anxiety’ … 44% of teachers reported that students’ concerns were affecting learning.”
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Survey: Teachers’ Mental Health Declining Amid Job Stress

USA Today

“A long list of anxieties … is taking a toll on teachers, a new survey shows … 58% said their mental health was ‘not good’ for seven or more of the previous 30 days. A similar survey in 2015 found just 34% of respondents felt the same … the vast majority – 86% – did not feel respected by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos … 61% of educators, as well as school staff, say their work ‘always’ or ‘often’ stressful. They also don’t appear to get much sleep.”
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How The Kochs Are Trying To Shake Up Public Schools, One State At A Time


“The billionaire Koch brothers’ network is engaged in state-by-state battles … to push for public funding of private and charter schools. One of the newest campaigns is the Libre Initiative … targeting Hispanic families in 11 … under the umbrella of … Americans for Prosperity … The group has had some initial success – for instance, helping to thwart a moratorium on charter school expansion in New Mexico. But it’s also created bitter divisions in the Latino community and led to accusations the Kochs are trying to undermine public education.”
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In Rural America, School Choice Poses Agonizing Choices


“Indiana is a poster state for the kinds of education policies pushed by President Trump and his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos. But for small rural communities, the growth of school choice over the past six years is now forcing another choice: whether to close the public schools that are at their heart as competing schools pull students and money away … As the voucher and charter programs were explained and advertised as ‘school choice’ to the public, one corollary fact was not included: Indiana residents might lose a choice that many of us have taken for granted for decades– the ability to send our kids to a local, well-resourced public school.”
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Top Public Universities Are Shutting Out Poor Students, Report Says

The Washington Post

“Since the late 1990s, almost two-thirds of selective public universities have reduced the share of students they enroll who come from families earning less than $37,000 a year … A near-identical share of these schools have increased the percentage of students they enroll who come from families earning at least $110,000 … Public colleges and universities carry the load in higher education by enrolling the vast majority of the nation’s college students … Yet these and other public colleges are contending with tepid state investment in higher education that has sent some looking elsewhere for revenue.”
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