1/11/2018 – Why America’s School Funding Crisis Is A Race And Gender Justice Issue

THIS WEEK: Teacher Shortage Crisis … Vouchers Discriminate … Child Health Imperiled … Rural Schools Hurting … DeVos Harms College Students


Why America’s School Funding Crisis Is A Race And Gender Justice Issue

By Jeff Bryant

“At a time when wildly popular hashtag-driven campaigns are whipping up intense public fervor for the rights of black lives and women, now might be a good time to address how nonwhite children and women are being treated in our public school system.”
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As Teacher Shortages Plague Every State, Some Take Action


“All 50 states began the current school year short on teachers. And schools nationwide still are scrambling to fill positions in a range of subjects … Districts that can’t find a qualified teacher may stop offering a certain class or hire a rookie … Lawmakers in several states took action … States that have sought to increase the supply of teachers by changing their licensure rules to make it easier for people who didn’t complete a traditional teacher preparation program to enter the classroom … Other states have tried to increase the supply of teachers by making education degrees less expensive or shortening the time required to get one … Some states … are raising teacher salaries.”
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These Schools Get Millions Of Tax Dollars To Discriminate Against LGBTQ Students


“[Of the] private schools that receive taxpayer dollars through voucher or tax credit programs… at least 14% of religious schools take an active stance against LGBTQ staff and students. Some of these schools have policies on their websites generally broadcasting their opposition to same-sex marriage or even stating their belief that homosexuality is a sin on par with bestiality. Others have harsher policies … Many more of these schools belong to larger churches that preach anti-LGBTQ sentiment … Since President Donald Trump and his secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, have expressed the desire to use federal dollars to increase private school choice, it’s worth closely examining which students are served and which are not.”
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It’s Been 100 Days Since CHIP Funding Expired


“Congress let the funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program expire … that covers 9 million American children … Short-term CHIP extension that passed in December, which was supposed to last through March, could actually only guarantee the program would stay funded through January 19 … The price tag for extending CHIP for 5 years has shrunk dramatically. The CBO estimated the five-year extension Congress is considering now costs only $800 million, down from $8.3 billion … If Congress continues to leave CHIP unfunded, families have basically two options: enroll in ACA coverage or become uninsured. Health care could become unaffordable for millions of families, and they could be forced to skip needed appointments and treatments.”
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America’s Rural Schools Are Hurting And Wisconsin Shows Why

The Progressive

“Rural communities, already facing dying main streets, now contend with reduced services and eliminated public sector jobs that once anchored their towns. Students from rural school districts are especially struggling … Left behind are shrinking rural school districts, struggling to serve some of the state’s poorest children while relying on funding policies that place them further and further … The general policy responses of ‘choice’ and ‘flexibility,’ hurt rural America in uniquely damaging ways … As rural schools … reel in the wake of continued cuts … our political leaders seem intent on imposing more ‘quick and easy’ solutions. But the answer is … increased investment in these communities.”
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Betsy DeVos Harms Higher Ed More Than K-12 In 2017


Jeff Bryant writes, “The big surprise at the end of 2017 is that U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been arguably worse for higher education than she has been for K-12… While protestors have dogged DeVos across the country to attack her support of ‘school choice’ and call her out for neglecting the civil rights of K-12 students, she has been far more effective at gutting regulations protecting the rights of college students and college student loan borrowers … These developments would seem to indicate that DeVos is much less a zealous advocate for a cause she personally espouses than she is a surrogate for the Republican party and its donors and lobbyists.”
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