11/10/2016 – Education Victories Democrats Can Rally Around

THIS WEEK: Trump Takes Charge … Corporate School Scams … Black Teachers … Online Charter Lobbying … Charter School Truths


Education Victories Democrats Can Rally Around

By Jeff Bryant

“Amidst the dead ashes of defeat, where are the red-hot coals that may spark new fire in the populist rebellion that represents the party’s only hope? … Promising tinder can be found in communities that voted on Tuesday against the private takeover of their public schools … The ascendancy of public education as an important progressive cause was prevalent in state and local elections around the country.”
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Trump Set To Shift Gears On Civil Rights, ESSA, Says A K-12 Transition-Team Leader

Education Week

“President-elect Donald Trump will work to ensure “a new way of how to deliver public education” that focuses on educational entrepreneurship and strong public and private school options … Trump will ‘streamline, at least’ the U.S. Department of Education … [and] significantly curb the role of the department’s office for civil rights when it comes to state and local policies … The president-elect won’t get too heavily involved in ESSA’s rollout.”
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Corporations Are Taking Advantage Of Our Underfunded Public Schools

Think Progress

“Underfunding of public education presents an opportunity for corporations, as schools desperate for new fundraising mechanisms may turn a blind eye to corporate involvement in schools … Levi’s, for example, has its own campaign in schools involving educational posters of cartoon kids wearing their jeans as part of a water conservation curriculum provided to schools … Schools are considering or are already implementing advertising on the outside and inside of school buses … Uber is encouraging teachers to drive for them by offering them bonuses … Although this involvement may seem innocuous, it is deeply harmful to both students and teachers.”
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The Burden Of Being A Black Teacher

The Atlantic

“Many black teachers experience constant tension at work between a sense of frustration at being “pigeonholed” into teaching primarily black students … Black teachers said that very ability to manage a classroom meant they were then viewed primarily as disciplinarians and not as educators … The strengths that many black teachers possess and would like to use to benefit children of all backgrounds are the very traits used to limit their professional growth … Black teachers feel … their colleagues are unwilling to recognize their ability to also be subject-matter experts with valuable ideas about pedagogy and curriculum … Teachers of all races and ethnicities quit because they don’t feel appreciated. For black teachers, there’s often the sense of an added layer of disrespect that is specifically tied to race.”
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Outsized Influence: Online Charters Bring Lobbying ‘A’ Game To States

Education Week

“Despite more than a decade of state investigations, news media reports, and research that have documented startling failures and gross mismanagement in full-time online schools, the sector – dominated by two for-profit companies – continues to expand, spreading into new states and enrolling more students. Virtual charter schools, which collectively receive more than $1 billion in taxpayer money each year, are rarely shut down … The reasons are often a mix of weak state regulations, the millions of dollars spent on lobbying, and the support of well-connected allies … The companies that run these online charter schools often turn to a powerful argument that has fueled much of the decades-long movement to expand school choice: Parents have the right to choose where their child goes to school – even if the school is performing poorly.
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Five Truths Of Charter Schools

The Progressive

Jeff Bryant writes, “Here’s what everyone needs to know about charter schools … There’s no research consensus that charter schools outperform public schools … There’s no evidence charters produce better long-term outcomes for students … Charters don’t enroll the same students as public schools … Charters tend to intensify racial segregation … Charters tend to practice discriminatory forms of school discipline.”
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