10/5/2015 – New Federal Grant Feeds Charter School Gravy Train In New Mexico

THIS WEEK: Teachers Fear Scary SCOTUS Case … Puerto Rican Student Refugees … Crazy Roy Moore … Making Student Absences Count … GOP Tax Proposal May Hit Schools


New Federal Grant Feeds Charter School Gravy Train In New Mexico

By Jeff Bryant

“When the U.S. Department of Education recently announced its list of recipients of over a quarter billion dollars in federally funded grants to charter schools, charter management organizations, and charter development agencies, charter skeptics cast a suspicious eye at some of the grantees … [A] state recipient that deserves scrutiny but may get overlooked is New Mexico, with an award of over $22.5 million … The award seems questionable based on the academic performance of charter schools in the state and the lack of transparency and accountability of its charter sector.”
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A Primer On The Supreme Court Case That Teachers’ Unions Have Been Fearing

Education Week

“The U.S. Supreme Court officially agreed to review a case on public-employee union fees that could potentially deliver a harsh blow to the nation’s teachers’ unions … About half of states allow unions to charge fees, known as ‘agency’ or ‘shop’ fees, to people who don’t join the union … The new case is called Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 31 … Mark Janus argues that he should not be forced to pay monthly union fees to keep his job … With Justice Neil M. Gorsuch now on the court, there’s a good chance agency fees will be deemed unconstitutional … The unions will lose out on a major source of revenue, and will likely see a big dip in membership.”
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U.S. Schools Brace For An Influx Of Students From Puerto Rico


“After Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico, students who can’t return to school may need to continue their education on the mainland. Some of the largest school districts in Florida, plus major cities like New York City and Chicago, are preparing for the possibility of an influx of students … In Massachusetts … Springfield public schools … has dealt with helping a large influx of students previously … The school typically gets Somali refugees or sometimes has to deal with placing students when a charter school closes.”
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Preschool A Nazi-Like Institution For Brainwashing Children Into Being Liberal: Alabama Republican Roy Moore

The Star

“[Roy] Moore won the Republicans’ Alabama primary for Jeff Sessions’s old Senate seat … If he beats Democratic lawyer Doug Jones in the December general election, the man … will become by far the most ideologically extreme member of the Republican caucus … Some of his extreme views have remained largely unknown. Such as his deep antagonism toward preschool … He argued … ‘social liberals like Hillary Clinton … understand … when the mind of a young child is subjected to state control before fundamental concepts and basic beliefs are formulated, the child is much more likely to learn a liberal social and political philosophy … Totalitarian regimes like those of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin knew well the value of a ‘youth corps.’”
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Student Absences Are About To Have Higher Stakes In Most States. Will Cheating Follow?


“Schools across the country are about to be held accountable for student attendance – attaching stakes to a measure that previously had much less significance and increasing the risk that schools will try to manipulate that data … 36 states plan to use chronic absenteeism to measure schools under ESSA, the federal education law … One way for schools to improve their chronic absenteeism marks is to add support that helps students to show up to school … But past experience with evaluation systems suggests that a small number of schools will resort to unscrupulous means … There should be some protections against manipulation of attendance data. But it’s unclear to what extent states have those safeguards in place.”
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Why Spending On Schools Could Take A Hit Through The GOP Tax Proposal

Education Week

“The GOP framework for overhauling taxes … could have a very significant impact on education spending … The elimination of the state and local tax deduction … would put very significant pressure on state and local governments to reduce the tax burden they place on individuals. That, in turn, would likely cut down on tax revenue available to public schools. That’s particularly true in many states in the northeast where per-pupil expenditures from state and local sources are relatively high … Getting rid of the deduction would ‘decimate public education.'”
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