10/16/2014 – Why Change How We Talk About Education

October 16, 2014 Subscribe THIS WEEK: Parent Trigger Misfire … Republicans Vulnerable On Education … Calls For Fewer Tests Build … Blended Learning Is About Making Money … Free College, Not For-Profit College TOP STORY Why To Change The Way We Talk About Education By Jeff Bryant “At a time like this when policy ideas … Continue reading “10/16/2014 – Why Change How We Talk About Education”

THIS WEEK: Parent Trigger Misfire … Republicans Vulnerable On Education … Calls For Fewer Tests Build … Blended Learning Is About Making Money … Free College, Not For-Profit College


Why To Change The Way We Talk About Education

By Jeff Bryant

“At a time like this when policy ideas that once seemed so resolute become shaken by strong voices of opposition, it’s important to reflect back on what kind of thinking went into the policy to begin with … Fortunately, there’s a new book to help us in the serious work of rethinking the nation’s education agenda. What it proposes is to start that work by changing the way we talk about education.”
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Adelanto Report Card: Year Zero of the Parent Trigger Revolution

Capital & Main

“Throughout 2011 and 2012, the eyes of the education world were focused on Adelanto … and the Desert Trails Preparatory Academy, the first (and so far, only) school in California and the U.S. to be fully chartered under a Parent Trigger law… At the end of Desert Trail’s inaugural, 2013-14 school year, a group of eight former Desert Trails teachers hand-delivered a 15-page complaint to the Adelanto Elementary School District (AESD), charging Desert Trails with an array of improprieties and its executive director, Debra Tarver, with unprofessional and sometimes unethical conduct … Among the most serious accusations are charges that administrative chaos at Desert Trails has resulted in both a stampede of exiting teachers and staff; that uncredentialed instructors have taught in its classrooms; and that Desert Trails had an unwritten policy of dissuading parents of students with special learning needs from seeking special education … The school’s extreme miserliness shortchanged teachers and students on basic classroom tools … Only nine of Desert Trails’ first-year teacher roster – or 33 percent – are returnees this year.”
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This Is What Happens When Republicans Try to Destroy Public Education

The Nation

“Republican candidates around the country are confronting a shared, and significant, vulnerability: education … Several Republicans could fall victim … Conservatives are on the defensive in Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida and Wisconsin over their records on education… Polls in several states show education as a top-tier issue … Democrats running for Senate in red and purple states are also picking on education to highlight the impact of Republican policies … Education is also a hot issue in local elections, where some races are attracting a flood of big money.”
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Fewer Tests: Momentum Building, But for Different Solutions

Education Week

“There is a swirl of new activity on the anti-testing front, and it’s yet another sign that the fervor to cut back on testing is moving from the grassroots into the policy world of Washington … A certain angle on the evolving conversation about rethinking testing … seems to be that if we can only clear all the underbrush and make way for PARCC and Smarter Balanced, our testing problem would be solved … But the argument that Smarter Balanced and PARCC will collectively address the nation’s testing problems is unlikely to win universal acclaim … There is a growing chorus of folks out there who don’t see testing as a solution to testing. To put it a different way, they want less testing, or no testing, not different tests. The agitation of those parents, teachers and activists is helping light a fire under the discussions that are creeping increasingly into the salons of Washington’s alphabet-soup groups.”
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Rocketship To Profits

Rethinking Schools

“Blended learning, the hallmark of the Rocketship education model, is based on using computers more and teachers less. Its roots lie in a [Silicon] Valley dominated by high-tech factories … Where do teachers fit into this picture? Rocketship’s charter application in Morgan Hill specified that its staffing ratio would go from 35.92 students per teacher in 2014-15 to 41.27 in 2016-17. Many teachers are hired from Teach For America, and noncredentialed paraprofessionals staff the learning lab … In Silicon Valley the commodification of education is proceeding rapidly. But the takeover of privatized education isn’t inevitable … The Morgan Hill district rejected the corporate charter petitions because of a strong mobilization by the union and other groups.”
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How To Pay For A Free, Non-Racist Higher Education

Black Agenda Report

“The dominos are falling in the for-profit college racket, a cauldron of corruption that has crushed the dreams of millions of African Americans … Corinthian College’s stock fell from a peak of $33 a share, ten years ago, to 33 cents last month, when it became clear that the federal government intended to pull the plug on the $1.6 billion a year rip-off … Corinthian is only the third or fourth-worst offender in the pantheon of for-profit colleges created for the sole purpose of diverting public money to the coffers of hedge funds and mega-banks … Players like the University of Phoenix and Ashford University have become the top producers of baccalaureate degrees among Blacks. But the [Obama]administration – and the Democratic Party, as an institution – also worships at the alter of privatization. Rather than eliminate the felonious educational enterprises root and branch – and spend the money on a nationalized system of free education – Obama will continue to provide tens of billions to nourish the poisoned tree … The for-profits should be put out of business with all deliberate speed, but it would be a further crime to shift that portion of federal aid to schools that have never demonstrated a willingness or competence to serve the demographic so cruelly exploited by the likes of Corinthian.”
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