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Did Support For Education Save The Democrats’ Bacon In The Virginia Governor’s Race?

Ralph Northam’s big win for the Democratic party in the Virginia governor’s election is being hailed as a “rebuke of President Trump.” But it’s also a rebuke of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The race, which was called a “bellwether” and a “must win” for Democrats, is a teachable moment for Democratic party operatives heading into […]

Center For American Progress’s Failed ‘Progressive Case’ For Charter Schools

President Donald Trump swept into office on a platform that included support for charter schools and other alternatives to public schools, and his Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, an ardent supporter of “school choice” in all its forms, recently announced her department would provide over a quarter-billion dollars to help expand charters, so it’s surprising […]

In Disasters’ Wake, Public Schools And Educators Defy DeVos’s Attacks On The ‘System’

A favorite talking point of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is to say that conversations about education should not be about “systems and buildings” but about “individual students.” It’s a skillfully crafted soundbite designed to cast schools as oppressive bureaucracies that limit the education opportunities available to children and families. It also differentiates schools […]

New Federal Grant Feeds Charter School Gravy Train In New Mexico

When the U.S. Department of Education recently announced its list of recipients of over a quarter billion dollars in federally funded grants to charter schools, charter management organizations, and charter development agencies, charter skeptics cast a suspicious eye at some of the grantees, and for good reason. Previous targets for federal charter grants have resembled […]