EON #8 – Mar 27-Apr 2, 2013

THIS WEEK: School Discipline Feeds Prison Pipeline … Who Loses With School Choice … Teacher Evaluations Revamped For What? … Atlanta Cheating Scandal Caused By Test Obsession … State College Funding Cuts Fuel Student Loans … Student Debt Blocks Millennials From The Middle Class


Will Charter Schools Survive The Charter School Movement?

By Jeff Bryant

“As states … loosen government regulations of [charter] schools … proponents of charter schools are calling for tougher oversight … Stories of low-quality charter schools, in fact, have now become routine in local and national news… The whole movement-driven notion that charter school proliferation should be enabled by lifting regulations and bureaucracy is completely contradictory to the imperative for higher quality charter schools.”
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School Suspensions: Does Racial Bias Feed The School-To-Prison Pipeline?

Christian Science Monitor

“While African-Americans make up 18% of the students in this large sample, they account for 46% of students suspended more than once, 39% of students expelled, and 36% of students arrested on campus … A ‘zero tolerance’ mentality has contributed dramatically to a spike in exclusionary discipline that involves racial disparities … [and] a ‘school-to-prison pipeline.'”
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Letter To Civil Rights And School “Choice” Advocates

Cloaking Inequality

Texas education professor Julian Vasquez Heilig argues, “School choice advocates are a motley alliance between those whose primary focus is … to see greater opportunity for historically underserved students of color (Civil Rights) and those that want to see the state reduce its role in public education … Guess who loses out in a school system dominated by choice? … Students without capital (test scores become capital in addition to $) are denied access in markets. If you go to the grocery market without cash, you will come away empty-handed.”
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Curious Grade For Teachers: Nearly All Pass

The New York Times

“Education reformers and their allies in both parties have revamped the way teachers are graded, abandoning methods under which nearly everyone was deemed satisfactory … Advocates of education reform concede that … after many millions of dollars developing the new systems and thousands of hours of training, [the results] are worrisome.”
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Atlanta’s Former Schools Chief Charged Under Law Used Against Mafia

The Washington Post

Valerie Strauss writes, “In 2009, Beverly Hall was tapped as the National Superintendent of the Year, hailed for driving up standardized test scores in the Atlanta Public Schools … But the scores were illusory, and Hall was just indicted under a law used against Mafia leaders, charged with leading a ‘corrupt’ organization … These cheating scandals have been a result of test-obsessed school reform.”
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College Affordability Is A Struggle As State Aid Drops, Tuition Rises

McClatchy Newspapers

“States have cut their support for public colleges and universities – deeply, in some cases – and schools have raised tuition … dropped classes, eliminated faculty and reduced other services … Twenty years ago, fewer than half of students at four-year public and private institutions graduated with loans … Now, two-thirds shoulder an average debt of $26,600.”
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How Student Loans Are Keeping You Out Of The Middle Class


“Millennials have accumulated less wealth since entering the workforce than their parents did at the same age … The problems that have led to today’s middle-class crisis for borrowers aren’t unknown. Cuts to public funding for higher education have gradually shifted the costs of a college education on to individual students. With scholarship and grant funding limited, students have turned to loans … Advocates have begun to push for student loan interest rate reform.”
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