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America’s Education Spring Is Here!

A nationwide rebellion – an Education Spring – against top-down education mandates is sweeping the nation. Students, parents, teachers, and concerned citizens everywhere are speaking out.

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Articles Highlighting the Education Spring

Student Protests Are A Bigger Deal Than You Think

Student protests are likely to continue and to build. The protests are about how we’re treating our nation’s youngest citizens with a substandard form of education that emphasizes fiscal efficiency over learning opportunity and standardization over individual needs and interests. They’re about how we treat students as learners, imposing education as something done to them rather than with them.

The Education Conversation ‘Reformers’ Want Versus The One They Get

Recent calls for more “civility” in discussions about education and for taking ‘the politics’ and ‘partisanship’ out of policy debates are suddenly all the rage among the edu-policy crowd gravitating around Washington, D.C. There are reasons why Beltway-inspired education wonks are calling out the tone police – but it’s got very little to do with honesty and ‘facts.’

Test Season Reveals America’s Biggest Failures

During testing season in America, regardless of how the students did, it was clear who flunked the exams. While the media generally ignore or misrepresent what the resistance is all about, an education establishment long used to enforcing top-down mandates is resorting to misinformation and intimidation.What’s called for is an honest debate.

Education Spring ‘Year Of Action’ Revs Up

An extensive and diverse coalition of forces opposed to the education policies pushed by the Obama administration and many state governors is organizing on an unprecedented scale to spur a variety of protest actions. It’s clear, last year’s emerging Education Spring that revealed a nationwide movement of diverse factions opposed to unpopular education policies has now developed substantial new organizational capacity and a more powerful voice.

America’s Education Spring Goes Mainstream

There is widespread evidence that America’s Education Spring has now gone mainstream, affecting voters’ behaviors at the ballot box, lawmakers’ actions in state capitals, and policy administrators’ decisions in carrying out new directives.And the call for an opportunity-based education agenda which began with a much-heralded Education Declaration to Rebuild America has been expanded into a blueprint for positive change in an important new book by Diane Ravitch.

Time To Reset The Education Agenda

The uprising to reverse education policy mandates and bolster public schools instead of punishing them and closing them down has not gone unnoticed by people at the centers of policy, power, and opinion in Washington. In the U.S. Department of Education, the halls of Congress, and the meeting rooms of think tanks and foundations, uncertainly, impasse, and calls for a new direction are now the order of the day.

Thousands Sign New Education Declaration Calling For New School Policies

As a populist wave of discontent with top-down education mandates continues to sweep the country, more than 25,000 concerned citizens have coalesced behind an Education Declaration to Rebuild America. The Declaration received widespread attention from national and local outlets.

Education Declaration to Rebuild America Released

The Education Opportunity Network, in conjunction with the Opportunity to Learn Campaign and the Institute for America’s Future, has released “An Education Declaration to Rebuild America.” The declaration is a progressive response to a grassroots rebellion that has taken place around the country against education policies that impose top-down standards on students and teachers without giving them the support they need.

Common Core Meets The Education Spring

With the 59th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education rapidly receding, it’s important to remember that the original purpose of federal intervention in local education was to guarantee access and equity. Today, that whole notion has gotten turned on its head.

Why America Needs An Education Spring

Well, someone in the mainstream media finally had to ask the question. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, on his “All In” program on May 24, covered the forced closing of 50 public schools in Chicago – the largest incident of mass school closings in the nation’s history.

The Forces Driving America’s Education Spring

An emerging American movement is unifying diverse factions across the nation in efforts to reverse education policy mandates and bolster public schools instead of punishing them and closing them down. There is little doubt now that a counterargument to the education policies championed by the likes of Michelle Rhee and Education Secretary Arne Duncan is now slipping into the mainstream of American opinion.

Unified Backlash to Education Mandates Grows, Spreads

Anti-government collectivist actions related to public school policy are scaling up from isolated protests to a nationwide movement of unified resistance. The movement is widespread among teachers, students, and parents. It is grassroots driven and way out in front of most journalists and political leaders. And it’s scaling up in intensity.

What we are protesting:

  • Overemphasis on standardized testing and one-size-fits-all education.
  • Widespread budget cuts, school closures, and mass teacher layoffs.
  • Class size increases and diminishing learning opportunities.
  • Outsourcing of education services to private operators whose only goal is to make money.

Like other grassroots-driven, social media-enabled rebellions occurring around the globe, the fight-back is taking many forms:

Protest rallies in city streets and state capitals.
Demonstrations to get our voices heard by lawmakers and the media.
Political actions to promote new legislation and combat unjust laws.
Lawsuits to protect the rights of teachers and ensure the basic right to an education.

The Education Opportunity Network and the Opportunity to Learn campaign are tracking the Education Spring, providing analysis of what’s driving the movement, and reporting on the growth and spread of the protests. And we are advancing an Education Declaration to Rebuild America that provides a positive way forward.

Please return to this page often to stay up to date with the Education Spring, and share this page with your social network to plant the seeds of the Education Spring in your community.

  • Sue Joyce says:

    Public schools are not failing. Our society is failing. The schools simply reflect what has occurred in our society with the rich getting richer, the middle class sinking, and the poor further behind. NCLB was conceived by the Big Rich who want to detour education money to corporate offices. They want schools to fail by setting up standards which punish schools serving the those who have the least and rewarding those schools serving those with the most.

    Teachers have been demonized for being greedy and uncaring. I would like to see the coaches make every, and I do mean every, student in school run to set speeds.

    Administrators are quick to point fingers to teachers and spend millions bringing consultants to supervise and guide teachers while these “experts”
    could hardly wait to get out of the classroom and away from children. This “reform” movement has been an expensive lesson for our country and those who believe all children have the same opportunities to learn.

    December 20, 2013 at 5:22 pm

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