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4/5/2018 – Striking Teachers Are Fighting For Communities

THIS WEEK: NRA Is Wrong … DeVos-Style Discipline … ICE Raids Hurt Kids … College Students Pay More … 4-Day Week Fail


Striking Teachers Are Fighting For Communities

By Jeff Bryant

“Teacher strikes that started in West Virginia and are now raging in Oklahoma and whipping up in Kentucky and Arizona are being called a “nationwide movement.” But a nationwide movement for what … Teachers … are taking a stand not only about their own financial situations, but also about the conditions of their students, their schools, and their communities.”
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The NRA’s Narrative About Maryland School Shooting Collapses

Think Progress

“The gun lobby argued that last week’s shooting was stopped by an armed school resource officer, proving that “good guys with guns” can prevent tragedies. But the St. Mary’s County sheriff’s office confirmed on Monday night that the 17-year-old gunman who opened fire at Great Mills High School actually died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound … The NRA’s recent push for more armed guards in schools comes even though the presence of an armed guard didn’t stop a gunman from killing 17 in Parkland with an AR-15. Trump has frequently touted the deterrent impact of armed guards.”
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‘Hardening’ Our Schools Will Hit Black And Brown Students Hardest

Huff Post

“The White House rolled out its proposal to ‘harden’ schools … in response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida … As part of the plan, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is set to lead a new commission to re-examine, and possibly repeal … districts … being scrutinized for disproportionate discipline outcomes, particularly zero-tolerance policies that widened the opportunity gap for students of color… The School Discipline Package has provided key guidance to public elementary and secondary schools about how to discipline students … Its recommendations include drawing on positive behavior interventions, such as restorative justice and social and emotional learning – programs that have been successful nationwide.”
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ICE Is Terrorizing Our Kids: Report Shines A Light On The Impact Immigration Enforcement Is Having On Children

NC PolicyWatch

“Children may be among ICE’s principal victims … Children of immigrants (and even non-immigrants) are experiencing increasing rates of trauma as a result of the threat of deportation and family separation as well as the direct experience of raids, deportation proceedings, and the disappearance of parents … That trauma can have profound negative effects on these children for the rest of their lives … in addition to the direct trauma they inflict on children, ICE deportations impose significant economic costs.”
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Who Foots Most Of The Bill For Public Colleges? In 28 States, It’s Students

The Chronicle Of Higher Education

“Tuition dollars, not state and local funding, have become the primary revenue source for public higher education in most states … During the 2017 fiscal year… 28 states leaned chiefly on students, not on taxpayers … In 2000, tuition dollars paid by students accounted for more than half of revenue in just three states … Adjusting for inflation, only six states now fund public higher education at prerecession levels.”
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Four-Day School Weeks, A Nationwide Symptom Of Tight Budgets, Lead To More Youth Crime, Study Finds


“As school districts across the country have faced budget crunches, a number have landed on a cost-saving solution: cancelling school one day a week. Districts in at least 21 states have adopted the four-day school week, including one in five districts in Oklahoma … An unintended but perhaps unsurprising consequence of cutting the school week: a spike in juvenile crime … shortened weeks caused youth crime to jump nearly 20 percent, with the biggest spikes in property crime … There was some evidence of an increase in drug offenses. Crime rates jumped the most on Thursdays; the researchers theorized that students treated that evening like an additional weekend night.”
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