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4/12/2018 – Now Watch Republicans Blame Obama For Test Scores

THIS WEEK: Red State Teacher Rebellion … Racist Student Discipline … DeVos Targets Civil Rights … Race-Based College Spending … Lessons From Strikes


Now Watch Republicans Blame Obama For Test Scores

By Jeff Bryant

“Scores on the 2017 National Assessment of Education Progress (aka. The Nation’s Report Card) … were flat, as they have mostly been since 2009 … Education pundits from the right were quick to locate the cause of such a prolonged stagnation … Obama … that’s what’s so ironic about conservative claims of an Obama education policy failure. Over at least the past 20 years, whether under Republican oversight or Democratic, the nation’s schools have been lorded over by an “education reform” agenda that has always been decidedly bipartisan … Republicans are stealing away from reform and leaving Democrats holding the bag. Recent NAEP scores give them the perfect opportunity to make their case.”
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Teachers Are Going On Strike In Trump’s America


“Fed-up teachers have found unexpectedly sturdy support among voting populaces that otherwise have tended to favor low to non-existent taxes … Government officials most responsible for those budget-austerity measures seem almost surprised by how difficult it has been to hold the political high ground … Teachers, many of them women, are redefining attitudes about organized labor, replacing negative stereotypes of overpaid and underperforming blue-collar workers with a more sympathetic face: overworked and underappreciated nurturers who say they’re fighting for their students as much as they’re fighting for themselves.”
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Disparities Persist In School Discipline, Says Government Watchdog


“Black students, boys, and students with disabilities are disproportionately disciplined in K-12 schools across the country … Black students represent 15.5 percent of all public school students, but make up about 39 percent of students suspended from school … these disparities cannot be explained by poverty levels – they existed regardless of the poverty level of schools … schools are struggling to handle an increase in disruptive behavior related to trauma and other mental health issues.”
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DeVos Review Of Racial Bias Guidance Stirs Controversy

The Hill

“Civil rights groups are fighting to stop Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from rolling back Obama-era guidance on school discipline that aimed to protect black students from being punished more severely than their white peers … The [Trump] administration is using the [Parkland school] shooting as an excuse to roll back critical guidance that helps protect students from discrimination under federal civil rights laws … The school discipline guidance is likely to be the latest casualty in … the administration’s war on civil rights protections.”
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Public Colleges Spend $5 Billion Less Per Year On Students Of Color


“Two-year and four-year public colleges spend more than $1,000 less per year on black and Latino students than on white students … That means that overall, public colleges are spending about $5 billion less per year on black and Latino students than on white students … The analysis is the latest in a growing body of evidence that many of the racial disparities that affect children during their K-12 education persist once they reach college … College isn’t leveling the playing field in the ways we expect and hope … The way state legislators approach funding their colleges and universities plays a role.”
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What Teacher Strikes Can Teach Democrats About Education Politics


Jeff Bryant writes, “The momentum of this spring’s teacher uprising is growing… Because the rebellions are occurring in ‘red states,’ Democrats are already capitalizing on any perceived advantage the strikes could give their party … But if Democrats are going to attempt to take electoral advantage of the teacher uprising, they’ll need to change their typical education message.”
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