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2/4/2014 – Show Us The Money For Pre-K

THIS WEEK: Sandy Hook Legacy, So Far … Civil Right Hero Calls Out ‘Reform’ … Our Most Educationally Neglected Youths … Common Ground Over Common Core … Obama Vs. Art History


Hey Congress, Show Us The Money For Pre-K

By Jeff Bryant

“On Thursday, Senators on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (HELP) will meet to discuss an important step toward intervening with something that really would help – early education programs for the neediest kids … The urgency is paramount, and the bipartisan momentum is there, but what’s not quite clear is whether Senators are ready to show a determined willingness to find the money.”
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School Shootings Continue Despite Increased Security After Sandy Hook Killings

The Huffington Post

“Despite increased security put in place after the massacre at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, there’s been no real reduction in the number of U.S. school shootings … Many schools now have elaborate school safety plans and more metal detectors, surveillance cameras and fences … Attention also has focused on hiring school law enforcement officers … [American Federation of Teachers President Randi] Weingarten said more emphasis needs to be placed on improving school cultures … Many of these kinds of programs were scaled back during budget cuts.”
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Civil Rights Hero Launches ‘American Child’s Education Bill Of Rights’

The Washington Post

Valerie Strauss writes, “Calling modern school reform ‘catastrophically misguided and ineffective,’ civil rights icon James Meredith is launching what he calls the American Child’s Education Bill of Rights … Meredith, who now drives his grandchildren to public school in Jackson, Miss., every day said: ‘We are losing millions of our children to inferior schools and catastrophically misguided and ineffective so-called education reforms’ … The Education Bill of Rights identifies 12 basic education rights for every American child, all based on his career as a social activist … Meredith urges Americans to join a national debate on the American Child’s Education Bill of Rights, and to add their own ideas, on his Facebook page:”
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Punishing Young Offenders Twice

Education Week

“Our nation’s most educationally neglected youths continue to be … young people who are incarcerated or under the purview of the justice system … There are approximately 2,700 juvenile-justice facilities in the United States, with more than 150,000 incarcerated young people age 18 and younger … Policymakers and educators can make a difference. Policymakers can work hard to ensure that each state mandates that all children are entitled to a high-quality education, including those who are being held in the juvenile-justice system … When we say that education matters and no child should be left behind, we must apply it to all children, even those who broke the law.”
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Political Rivals Find Common Ground Over Common Core


“There’s growing backlash to Common Core, and conservatives and liberals increasingly are voicing similar concerns: that the standards take a one-size-fits-all approach, create a de facto national curriculum, put on standardized tests and undermine teacher autonomy … A small but growing number of liberal reformists have joined conservatives, agreeing on some of the key criticisms … The mutual criticism of Common Core extends to potential uses and abuses of under the new standards. Both sides also say Common Core represents an end-run around federal prohibition against a national curriculum. And both argue that the new standards were not really state-driven … Worries about Common Core’s content and accompanying tests also cross ideological lines … Tea Party conservatives, calling it “Obamacore,” are planning a big march on Washington … But the growing number of liberal critics of Common Core aren’t likely to join hands with them and march.”
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Obama Vs. Art History

Inside Higher Ed

“President Obama found common ground with Republican politicians Thursday – in arguing that some liberal arts degrees offer poor preparation for a job … There are all sorts of ironies about the president selecting art history as a discipline to question … Graduates of arts programs, while not all employed in the arts, are generally employed and have high levels of job satisfaction, using their arts knowledge in a range of ways … Carol Geary Schneider, president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities, said … ‘It was depressing to hear President Obama describe college mainly as vocational and/or technical training in the State of the Union address, and it’s even worse to have him casually dismiss one of the liberal arts – or even the whole idea of baccalaureate study – because you can earn good enough money in a skilled trade.'”
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